Optimising industrial hemp as a new fiber crop in evolving agriculture in Australia

Exploring and optimising new fiber crops

Industrial hemp is a non-drug Cannabis sativa L. increasingly getting attention as a potential fiber crop in Australia.

This project aims to optimise the use of industrial hemp (iHemp) in Australian agriculture, in the poorly fertile and water deficient soils of the south west coast of Australia. An agronomic package will develop to determine the fertiliser requirement, time of sowing, moisture requirement and genotype evaluation both under greenhouse and field conditions.

We also use novel rock mineral-based biofertiliser to improve soil fertility, soil carbon sequestration, quality seed and fibre production.

The effects of iHemp on subsequent crop productivity, soil health (including functional diversity of microbes) as well as rhizosphere interactions and weathering of mineral-based biofertiliser will be determined. The mechanisms of action of mineral-based biofertiliser in the soil-microbes-roots continuum will be characterised.

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Research team leader: Dr Zakaria Solaiman

I am a soil microbiologist who has been doing research on arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, molecular soil ecology and plant nutrition for the past 20 years. I wrote my PhD on soil microbiology and plant nutrition, and pursued several postdoctoral positions in Japan before moving to The University of Western Australia in 2000.

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