Deciphering organelle transport mechanisms in plants

A multidisciplinary approach to investigate and identify key transporters involved in regulating mitochondrial biogenesis


Plant growth, productivity and seed yield all depend on organelle function which requires metabolites and proteins to be transported across membranes. This mechanism of transport is carried out by specific transporters that have the ability to transport macromolecules, and regulate organelle function.

We have identified new transporters that are involved in amino acid and protein transport in the mitochondria, chloroplast and peroxisomes. We will assign function to each protein and investigate the importance in regulating organelle biogenesis. This will allow us to modulate plant energy production for optimal growth and to withstand abiotic stress, all of which have agriculturally beneficial consequences.

The transport of materials such as metabolites, protein, amino acids, and nucleotides across organelle membranes is a highly regulated and intricate process in the eukaryotic cell. Transmembrane proteins act as gatekeepers regulating and controlling this crucial process, making them essential for normal plant growth and development.

The aim of this proposal is to functionally assess several newly identified transporter proteins located within three essential plant organelles the mitochondria, chloroplast and peroxisomes. We will investigate the transporter function of these proteins and determine their role in plant growth, development and energy homeostasis.

We have generated a range of Arabidopsis thaliana mutant lines that over express key transporters proteins. Biochemical and molecular analysis will be carried out via protein uptake assays and metabolite transport assays. Furthermore the consequences of altering amino acid and protein transporters abundance will be investigated on a transcriptome, proteome and metabolome level.

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Research team leader: Dr Monika Murcha

My research focus is to unravel the underlying mechanisms of protein import and macromolecule targeting, key regulatory elements governing mitochondrial activity and thus cellular activity, plant growth and responses to stress. Using a range of genetic, biochemical and molecular approaches the molecular mechanisms that regulate these processes are being investigated.


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