Consumer perceptions towards insect farming products

What are the public perceptions towards BSF fertilisers and feed?


Black soldier fly farming (BSF) is an emerging industry that provides a low-cost waste management solution for converting agricultural waste into high quality fertiliser and/or protein for animal feed. Adoption of BSF technology and its products has potential to increase productivity and profitability via reduced input costs and generation of alternative revenue streams to a wide range of agricultural enterprises.

This collaborative project will work with industry and researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds to assess the market potential for BSF fertilisers or feed. The student will assess consumers’ attitudes towards directly using such BSF products, or towards produce grown with BSF fertilisers or feed.

As part of this project the successful applicant will:

  • Assess consumers’ attitudes using interviews, focus groups, and non-market valuation surveying techniques
  • You will be based in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment – Agricultural and Resource Economics Group

Project goals

Conduct consumer surveys to estimate willingness to pay for (produce grown with) BSF fertilisers or feeds

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Identify what factors influence consumer perceptions, attitudes, emotions, and willingness to pay

Research team leader - Associate Professor Marit Kragt

Interested applicants should send an Expression of Interest to Associate Professor Marit Kragt including:

  • Evidence of research training
  • Transcript of academic records
  • Up-to-date CV
  • If relevant, a copy of their English language publications
  • Recent English language test scores
  • A personal statement outlining your capability and interest in the subject

Collaborations and funding

External collaborators:

  • Australia Pork Limited
  • Future Green Solutions


  • This Phd project will be funded through a R&D4Profit project that is administered by Australia Pork Limited


How to apply

Interested in becoming part of this project? Complete the following steps to submit your expression of interest:

Step 1 - Check criteria

General UWA PhD entrance requirements can be found on the Future Students website

Requirements specific to this project:

  • The successful applicant will have a background in Environmental or Agricultural Economics and an affinity with psychological research;
  • OR a background in Psychology or Consumer research and an affinity with agricultural sciences
  • Desirable: experience with qualitative research methods and non-market valuation techniques

Step 2 - Submit enquiry to research team leader

Step 3 - Lodge application

After you have discussed your project with the research team leader, you should be in a position to proceed to the next step of the UWA application process: Lodge an applicationDifferent application procedures apply to domestic and international students.