Dr Sam Baron

Senior lecturer and researcher of time, mathematics and metaphilosophy

I love the freedom to think whatever thoughts I want and to challenge any assumption whatsoever, to question any premise or any belief. Philosophy is the source of revolutions in thought, since it has the capacity to break us out of patterns of thinking that might be blinkering us to the truth or holding us back from making progress.Dr Sam Baron

Dr Sam Baron is a lecturer in philosophy at The University of Western Australia. His research focuses on the nature of time, mathematics and of philosophy itself.

Dr Baron has been widely published in the Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosopher’s Imprint, Philosophical Studies, Philosophical Quarterly and website 'The Conversation'. He teaches undergraduate courses that focus on core life skills, including ‘how to defeat your enemies with argument’, ‘how to communicate with scientists’ and ‘how to travel through time’.

Throughout his career, Dr Baron has been passionate about bringing philosophy back to the people by getting the public involved in philosophical debate and holding public forums in which everyone can engage in philosophical thinking.

After suffering from depression and obsessive compulsive disorder for most of his life, Dr Baron chose a career in philosophy and found that, through his studies, he was given the tools to channel thoughts and battle unhelpful cognitions. He now strives to teach students the same and believes that teaching philosophical methods in schools is extremely important to the development of an intellectually healthy population.

Dr Baron works in the philosophy of time and of mathematics because he believes these areas hold deep mysteries that are important for pushing knowledge of the world forward.


  • BA Arts Hon UWA
  • PhD Syd


  • Australasian Association of Philosophy
  • Centre for Time at the University of Sydney

Discover Early Career Researcher Award, 2015

UWA Vice-Chancellor's Award for Early Career Researchers, 2014 and 2016

Elphick Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Tobacco Control, 2015

Featured projects

Rock arch against the milky way at nightA World Without Time:
Timelessness in Physics and Metaphysics

Recent theories of gravity suggest time does not exist. Such theories conflict with notions central to science, reasoning and experience. This project aims to offer a new approach to time, one that permits the recovery of these notions without the need for time itself. Without this approach, timeless theories are self-defeating.

This project is expected to result in the generation of new knowledge of time, causation and evidence. This should provide significant benefits, such as contributing to new physics, boosting science communication, strengthening research ties between the arts and science, enhancing decision-making and enriching our cultural understanding of time.

abstract digital curvesAugmented Reality Mobile App

Dr Baron is currently leading the development of an augmented reality phone app for teaching logic at university in the style of Pokemon Go. The app combines elements of real-world discovery with virtual logic puzzles to provide a hands-on approach to learning difficult reasoning techniques. The game is currently being developed by a team of master’s students in the Computer Science department at UWA.

Formal logical reasoning can seem abstract and obtuse. The goal of the app is to bring this abstract reasoning down to earth by implementing it in real-world regions, overlaid by a vibrant virtual reality.

clocksAn Introduction to the Philosophy of Time

Time specialists Sam Baron and Kristie Miller are combining their research in the book An Introduction to the Philosophy of Time and consider a number of philosophical questions. Time seems to be woven into the fabric of our lives. Everything we do, we do in time. Yet time itself is elusive. What is time? Is time real, and if it is real, what is it like? Does it flow, or is it static? Can we travel in time the way we can travel in space, and if not, why not? What can we learn about time from physics, and what, if anything, does metaphysics have to teach us about time?

Talking Allowed: Beauty in Unexpected Places: Aesthetics and Mathematics



  • Discovery Project ‘Time: The Scientific and Folk Perspectives’
  • Discovery Early Career Researcher Award ‘Timelessness in Physics and Metaphysics


  • Australian Academy of the Humanities Travelling Fellowship
  • University of Sydney conference seed fund for The Australasian Association of Logic Conference


  • The University of Western Australia Research Collaboration Award for Explanation in Metaphysics and Science: Bridging the Gap
  • University of Sydney conference seed fund for Time and Agency
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