Professor Loretta Baldassar

Started at UWA: 1994

Thought leader and researcher in anthropology and sociology

I love the creative process of collaborative research, writing and teaching.Professor Loretta Baldassar

Professor Loretta Baldassar is a migration scholar and researcher with interests in transnational families, the social uses of new technologies, ageing, youth and caring across distance. She is the Deputy Head of School (Community Engagement) for the School of Social Sciences.

Professor Baldassar completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at The University of Western Australia, and has conducted extensive fieldwork research in Italy. Her current research focus is on transnational families and how people manage to care for each other across long distances.

Her interconnected research projects include Ageing and New Media, Youth Mobilities, and Internationalisation at Home.

These projects examine the importance of the impact of migration and mobility on family and support networks, with a special focus on the role of information and communication technology in sustaining care across distance.

Her work observes the major social transformations of our age; the increasing mobility of people’s lives; the way mobility disperses our support networks; and the significant impact of new technologies on our ability to stay connected.

In partnership with UWA’s School of Social Sciences, Professor Baldassar has built a vibrant migration studies program of research and teaching that attracts international collaborators including postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows.

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Co-founded Migration Studies program for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, 2018

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Winner of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching Award: Program enhancing student learning – Internationalisation at home, 2016

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Established the Annual Migration Update conference, 2015



Professor Baldassar enjoys student-led research engagement, collaborative co-design assignments and interactive learning environments. Sharing her student’s excitement for learning opens up new ways of understanding the world. Working with students offers her plenty of ‘Aha!’ moments.

Supervisor opportunities

Professor Loretta Baldassar has been supervising PhD students for more than 23 years, covering topics such as:

  • transnational family and caregiving studies
  • second generation migrant, youth and student mobility studies
  • women and gender studies
  • health and wellbeing studies
  • Australian society studies

Professor Baldassar welcomes expressions of interest via email from prospective postgraduate students interested in migration, mobility, ageing, youth and family studies.

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