Dr Kimberley Strong

Started at UWA: 2005

Fostering collaboration and lifelong learning

Dr Kimberley Strong is Head of the Biomedical Sciences Education Unit and Chair of the Biomedical Sciences Learning and Teaching Committee at The University of Western Australia.

After completing her PhD at Monash University in 2005, Dr Strong began her career at UWA. With a research focus on health and renal disease, Dr Strong has led projects centred around the diagnosis of the disease.

In 2011, Dr Strong joined the Translational Pathology Laboratory and became a part of the New Approaches to Teaching e-learning development project, which is building a new style of teaching with an emphasis on analytical, interpretative and critical thinking skills.

Though the project, students are encouraged to interact with a high-tech, high-touch environment to foster collaboration and lifelong learning. Dr Strong’s role is to engage with teachers and co-ordinators within the School assisting them to develop, test, evaluate and implement these interactive learning tools.

With her research, Dr Strong works closely with PathWest clinicians and diagnostic scientists to ensure her discoveries are translated into real-life medicine.

At the Translational Pathology Laboratory, Dr Strong focuses on joining cellular morphology with molecular biology to uncover new advances in technology.

Dr Strong uses imaging flow cytometry, morphology-based selection of cells for molecular studies, next generation sequencing, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridisation and PCR, and tissue microarray development and analysis to conduct her research.

Dr Strong teaches a number of units across Biomedical Sciences, with a teaching philosophy focused on authentic student experiences. Encouraging students to participate in research projects to solve real world problems while in a supportive environment rich in feedback and mentoring to provide opportunities for growth. 


Contact Dr Kimberley Strong

Dr Strong is available for work experience, honours, PhD projects or fellowships in the areas of haematology and molecular pathology.