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Started at UWA: 2019

Internationally recognised Shakespeare scholar  

Sometimes when Shakespeare is performed in a way that mobilises the emotions in the text, I get shivers.Associate Professor Kathryn Prince

Associate Professor Kathryn Prince is a scholar of Shakespeare and a teacher of English and Literary Studies in the School of Humanities at UWA. She is also the Director for the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and the leader of the UWA Centre for the History of Emotions. 

Associate Professor Prince’s current research interests span the history of emotions, theatre, and technology, with longstanding interests in Shakespeare in performance, and theatre practice as a form of scholarly research. She is specifically interested in how performing Shakespeare can illuminate aspects of his plays that are not always apparent when read aloud. She also wishes to understand how emotions from Shakespeare’s time and ours circulate between the characters, the actors, and the audience when his plays are performed today. 

A seasoned traveller, Associate Professor Prince has visited more than 30 countries and lived for extended periods in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and, most recently, Australia. Having moved to Perth in 2016 as an academic visitor to the Centre for the History of Emotions, she fell in love with the beautiful UWA campus, especially UWA’s replica Shakespearean playhouse, the New Fortune Theatre. 

Very few replica early modern playhouses exist worldwide, and almost none based on the Fortune, a major London theatre intended to rival Shakespeare’s Globe.

Associate Professor Prince regularly uses the New Fortune Theatre in her teaching and research, and strongly believes it is an underused resource. Through her current projects at UWA, she wishes to remedy the lack of awareness of about it. 

Associate Professor Prince is currently managing the Fortune’s Favourites project, bringing together all the plays known to be have been performed at the original Fortune Playhouse. Using workshops and performances on the New Fortune stage as opportunities for practice-as-research, and aiming to produce an edition of the entire Fortune repertory informed by that work, the project considers what can be learned by approaching these plays as the cohesive repertory of a specific venue.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Ottawa
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Shakespeare Institute
  • Master of Arts (MA), University of Manitoba

External policy projects:

Old emotions on the new fortune stage


Associate Professor Kathryn Prince coordinates units focused on Shakespeare and theatre more broadly, in the disciplines of English, theatre and the history of emotions. She believes there is much intellectual satisfaction to be found researching and teaching Shakespeare, and considers the best learning environment to be one in which everyone in the room is fully engaged, both intellectually and emotionally. Since students learn in different ways and can have very different emotional responses to particular approaches, she likes to offer variety in her teaching.

Units Kathryn teaches: 


Associate Professor Prince’s three most recent projects, Shakespeare and Theatrical Space, Shakespeare and Canada, and History, Memory, Performance, have received support from Canada’s national funding agency, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Current projects

  • Writing Shakespeare and Emotions in Practice
  • Co-authoring Shakespeare’s England (with Professor David Dean)
  • Co-editing The Arden Handbook of Shakespeare in Contemporary Performance (with Dr Peter Kirwan)

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