Professor Jingbo Wang

Started at UWA: 1991

Making new discoveries in the world of quantum physics

Consider wandering in a land of perplexing objects and barriers. We bump into things and bounce off, and we get to learn a little of this classical land at each bounce. In the quantum wonderland however, we can be everywhere at once and we simultaneously bounce and traverse the whole territory in which we wander.Professor Jingbo Wang

Professor Jingbo Wang is Head of Physics at UWA and a pioneer of cutting-edge research involving single and multiple particle quantum walks. Professor Wang leads an active research group looking at quantum simulation, quantum walks and quantum algorithm development. Her research team was the first to show the power of quantum walks in extracting local and global structural information of complex networks and in distinguishing a range of non-isomorphic graph classes.

Professor Wang’s recent work includes quantum simulation of designer functional molecules and materials, exploring fundamental structures and symmetries in nature.

Her research team has developed a general quantum compiler with an optimiser, which maps a given quantum algorithm to a quantum circuit, consisting a sequential set of elementary quantum logic gates. This provides a powerful tool to assist the design of actual physical implementation of quantum algorithms in laboratories.

Professor Wang’s team has a demonstrated record of sustained academic standing and international reputation, with her research students frequently winning prestigious awards, distinctions, prizes, scholarships, honourable mentions on the UWA Dean’s list, and invitations to give UWA graduation ceremony speeches.

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Dennis Moore Award for achievements in quantum computing research, 2018

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Organiser and Co-chair of the 8th Workshop on Quantum Simulation and Quantum Walks, 2018

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The 23rd Australian Institute of Physics Congress (AIP Congress 2018)



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