Associate Professor James Fogarty

Valuing the amenity and environmental benefits of urban water

Failure to value the environmental and amenity benefits generated by blue and green infrastructure results in urban environments where both environmental quality and liveability are degraded.

Establishing the full economic value of urban water and urban water infrastructure ensures that the money invested by water utilities in assets and water management infrastructure are directed towards maximising overall community benefits.

Only when the role of urban water in the environment is fully understood, and valued, can the trade-offs between allocating water for agriculture, public open space, and the environment be optimised.Associate Professor James Fogarty

Associate Professor James Fogarty’s research focuses on helping the water industry make better decisions by working on approaches that allow the environmental and amenity benefits of urban water projects to be incorporated into project evaluations. Associate Professor Fogarty is currently the Head, UWA School of Agriculture and Environment. Since 2012, Associate Professor Fogarty has been part of the Co-operative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC). The CRCWSC is an interdisciplinary research centre that is helping change the way Australian cities are designed, built, and managed. Since 2012, funding for his research agenda has been over $2.7M. In this research, he is establishing the economic value that water and water infrastructure contributes to economic development, quality of life, and environmental ecosystems. Working with others in the CRCWSC economics team, Associate Professor Fogarty has developed a comprehensive economic evaluation framework. The framework equips industry partners to identify and quantify the economic, environmental, and community benefits and costs of investments in water sensitive practices and systems.

Associate Professor Fogarty has played a leading role in teaching development activities at UWA. He has led both practical teaching innovations and high-level curriculum development, including the establishment of new degree programs. Associate Professor Fogarty also continues to deliver undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in applied data analysis, and has developed and maintains a number of online, open source statistics resources.


  • BEc
  • PhD

Head of The UWA School of Agriculture and Environment

Developed and maintains open source resources for statistics

Developed the UWA Master of Agricultural Economics degree

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Worked with government and industry to achieve the orderly end to potato market regulation

Developed a comprehensive database tool that provides dollar value estimates for the non-market benefits generated through the use of water sensitive systems and practices.

Teaching and supervisor opportunities

Due to his role as Head of School Associate Professor Fogarty is not currently accepting additional PhD students.



Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities

  • Integrated economic assessment and business case development for Water Sensitive Cities
  • Iftekhar, S., Pannell, D. & Fogarty, J.


Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities

  • Economic Evaluation of ABC Waters Design Features Implemented by the Private Sector & Public Agencies
  • Iftekhar, S., Pannell, D., Fogarty, J. & Polyakov, M.


Water Corporation of WA

  • The gross rental value – Indicator of ability to pay for Wastewater Services Project
  • Fogarty, J.


Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities

  • Project A1.2 Valuation of economic, social and ecological costs and benefits
  • Fogarty, J., & Pannell, D.


Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities

  • Project A1.3 Economic Incentives and Instruments
  • White, B., Pannell, D., & Fogarty, J.

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