Professor Gary Hulse

Started at UWA: 1993

World-renowned professor specialising in innovative drug rehabilitation methods

Drug use is an integral part of human existence and is here to stay. Understanding drugs is about understanding us, our histories and traditions, our makeup and our desires. It is also about an increasingly sophisticated scientific understanding of brain chemistry and behaviour. Professor Gary Hulse

With an impressive publication record of over 160 peer-reviewed papers in the last two decades, and 44 of these published in the last five years, Professor Gary Hulse is an established and world-renowned expert in his field.

Professor Hulse’s academic research career has largely focused on developing evidence-based data to enhance clinical practices around the world.

In recent years, he has focused on assessing the safety and efficacy of polymers encapsulating medications, such as sustained release naltrexone/flumazenil, as a management tool for substance dependence.


As a testament to his global standing, Professor Hulse is sought internationally including Sweden, Norway, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius, where he advises on service and research development and co-supervises PhD students. Professor Hulse has been enlisted to publish with leading groups including Imperial College London, Columbia University New York and The Norwegian Centre for Addiction Research Oslo.

As a specialist in the effects of sustained release naltrexone for the management of heroin dependence, particularly with the use of the Australian naltrexone implant, Professor Hulse has arguably published the most articles relating to this topic of anyone in the world.

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Appointed Foundation Chair in Addiction Medicine, 2006

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Chaired the Committee on Alcohol and Drug Education in Medical Schools (CADEMS) on behalf of the Committee of Deans of the Australian and New Zealand Medical Schools, 1997-2004

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160+ peer-reviewed papers



Assessing Long-term Health Outcomes Associated with Naltrexone Implant, Compared to Methadone or Buprenorphine Maintenance, as Treatments for Opioid Dependence: Implications for planning and implementation of Opioid Dependence Treatment Services in WA

  • WA Department of Health: State Health Research Advisory Council SHRAC
  • Professor Gary Hulse, Ms Erin Kelty, Dr Hanh Ngo, Professor Elizabeth Geelhoed, Mr Graeme O'Neil, Mr Robert Hansson, Professor Sean Hood, Associate Professor Moira Sim

'Telethon New Children’s Hospital Research Fund - Effects of Maternal Use of Opioid Pharmacotherapies on Health Outcomes in Exposed Children

  • WA Department of Health: Telethon New Childrens Hospital Research Fund
  • Professor Gary Hulse, Dr Hanh Ngo, Associate Professor Kellie Bennett, Ms Erin Kelty

'Morbidity Associated with Pharmacotherapies for Opioid Dependence - A Comparative Cost Efficiency Analysis

  • WA Department of Health: State Health Research Advisory Council SHRAC
  • Professor Gary Hulse, Dr Hanh Ngo, Professor Elizabeth Geelhoed, Dr George O'Neil 2013

'Targeted Research Fund 2013 (Round 3) - 10-year outcomes of an emergency department delivered brief intervention with adolescent alcohol and other substance users

  • WA Department of Health
  • Professor Gary Hulse, Doctor Robert Tait, Professor Elizabeth Geelhoed, Associate Professor David Mountain 2013

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