Professor Amanda Davies

Started at UWA: 2020

Geography and regional development specialist 


Professor Amanda Davies is Head of UWA’s School of Social Sciences and a lecturer and researcher in human geography. With a disciplinary background in geography, Professor Davies’ research focuses on examining Australia's population growth, distribution and patterns of demographic change. Her work also focuses on exploring the social, economic and environmental issues related to rural re-population.

Professor Davies is an applied researcher, working closely with industry and government partners to deliver timely and relevant information to inform policy.




  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of New England
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of New England

Research clusters:

  • Centre for Regional Development

External memberships

  • Fellow of the Institute of Australian Geographers (2017)

Current projects

Professor Davies’ research focuses on examining the social, economic and policy settings for rural re-population; population ageing; bushfire recovery volunteerism; and mining community socio-economic adjustments.

Supervisor opportunities

Professor Davies has been supervising Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates for 15 years and is open to supervising those seeking to examine issues of rural change and adaptation, rural volunteerism and Australian population demographics. 

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