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The OI StrategyAn Institute for Impact

We are privileged to draw on the wisdom of our place in the world, on the shores of the vast Indian Ocean. The Oceans Institute is a meeting place for experts across all fields of ocean study. The ocean does not have borders and nor does knowledge; we believe that complicated problems demand a cross-disciplinary approach.
Our Vision

A thriving and sustainable blue planet for future generations



Under our stewardship, UWA will deepen our collective understanding of the world’s oceans, leading an engaged community to address the challenges of the Indian Ocean and beyond through exploration, collaboration and innovation.

our members
our members
Our members

Strength in Community

The Oceans Institute brings together researchers, policymakers, industry leaders and ocean allies from across UWA and partner institutions. By uniting these experts, we foster fruitful partnerships that cross disciplines, industries and national borders. 

Publications Annually
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woman in lab
Our history
Founded 2010

The UWA Oceans Institute was founded in 2010 to bring about a new era of collaborative, cross-disciplinary marine research at the University of Western Australia. Since then, the Oceans Institute has nurtured an ecosystem of researchers and educators to serve the needs of the ocean community of Western Australia, the Indian Ocean and the world.

Whether we are supporting the training of the next generation of offshore innovators, developing new marine research programs, or engaging with our local community, the Oceans Institute is committed to supporting the scholarship about our blue planet for a better tomorrow.

how we protect our oceans

Creating knowledge with impact

Big Challenges We find questions that need answers Valued Supporters We search for funding and in-kind support Top Experts We match challenges with the brightest minds

Our focus

Five themes, One ocean, Big Impact

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Energy from the Oceans

The Oceans Institute will guide the future of development of the offshore hydrocarbon industry in Western Australia, nationally and internationally, and seek to support a marine-based renewable energy industry, and develop multi-disciplinary frameworks to guide decommissioning of offshore structures at end-of-life.

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Maritime Security and Defence

The Oceans Institute will contribute to Australian and international security by positioning itself as a trusted adviser to policymakers and maritime law enforcement agencies, including the Royal Australian Navy. Issues in focus will include not only marine conservation and restoration advice for the benefit of the broad Indian Ocean and South East Asian regions.

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Fisheries, Food Security and Aquaculture

The Oceans Institute will support Australian and international fisheries management agencies, community and co-operative fisheries, to ensure sustainability of fish stocks and the people and organisations that depend on them. The Institute will also seek to drive substantial growth in the international aquaculture industry.



Conservation, Ecology and Climate Change

The Oceans Institute will provide both fundamental knowledge and practical conservation approaches to ensure that Western Australia’s unique marine cultural assets and ecosystems are preserved for future generations. We will extend our skills to provide marine conservation and restoration advice for the benefit of the broad Indian Ocean and South East Asian regions.

WA Coastline


Coast and Communities

The Oceans Institute will protect the health and safety of Australians by delivering key knowledge and practical advice to agencies managing people, property and heritage along our coastline. We will collaborate with researchers and management agencies around the Indian Ocean rim, to enhance the livelihood of coastal communities. All of the research areas involve translating basic research into applications, commercial or social.

The Game Plan

You have a role to play

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Are you an ocean business, or a research organisation? We believe there is strength in unity. Click below to learn about partnering with us.

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Our researchers rely on the generosity of our donors to carry out their vital research. Interested in donating? Click below to learn about our donor program.

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