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Whether we are supporting the training of the next generation of offshore innovators or undertaking international research collaborations, the Oceans Institute is committed to supporting the scholarship of our blue planet for a better tomorrow.


Top 3 benefits of studying the ocean at UWA

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men working
Learn from world-leading academics
Work closely with the UWA Oceans Institute, which includes over 100 of the world's most recognised ocean engineers, marine scientists, oceanographers and oceans governance specialists
Top ranked in ocean science
2020 Academic Research World University rankings place UWA in the world’s top 50 for 11 subjects, including 6 directly relating to the OI Members’ achievements:
  • Marine/Ocean Engineering
     1st in Australia, 5th in the world
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
    1st in Australia, 21st in the world
  • Oceanography
    3rd in Australia, 22nd in the world
  • Biological Sciences
    1st in Australia, 34th in the world
  • Water Resources
    7th in Australia, 46th in the world
  • Ecology
    7th in Australia, 47th in the world
Industry & government partnerships

AIMS@UWA Alliance
Apply for a joint supported PhD at UWA with the Australian Institute Marine Science (AIMS). Enjoy access to nationally relevant research, government funded research infrastructure including access to research onboard AIMS vessel the RV Solander and SeaSim, world-class marine research aquarium facility for tropical marine research where future scenarios can be simulated. 

Woodside OceanWorks Internship Program
Kickstart your career with a paid Summer or Winter internship offered through the OceanWorks program. You will gain practical experience and mentorship from world-renowned researchers while working on an industry-linked problem in ocean engineering and related topics. 


Courses for everyone

At UWA, you can dive as deep as you like into oceans studies. From 6-week micro credentials on specific subjects to PhDs and beyond, the question is how deep do you want to go?

UWA microcredential short courses



UWA+ offers short courses that focus on the skills that are in high demand by employers and industry, and give you the flexibility to choose what works for you. Update, upskill or reskill, complete a one-off course or combine multiple micro-credentials that can be converted to academic credit toward an undergraduate or postgraduate course – the choice is yours. The Oceans Institute offer a range of courses on contemporary ocean topics. Sign up to UWA+ for notifications when Ocean courses become available.

The course was engaging, challenging and most of all eye-opening. Julia Reisser was a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge

Saskia Hornivius

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Manta ray


Undergraduate Courses
Marine Biology

If you’re fascinated by our amazing marine life and the coastal environments in which they live, then this major is for you.  Learn more >

Ocean Innovation Minor (new in 2022)
This new minor option will be open to all UWA undergraduate students looking to undertake
multi-disciplinary studies around the ocean.
Learn more>

Marine and Coastal Processes

Majoring in Marine and Coastal Processes offers an understanding of how our coastal and marine environments operate such that you can apply this knowledge to ensure coastal communities and marine ecosystems remain resilient in the future.  Learn more >

Marine Sciences (Extended Major)
This extended major will expose you to the full breadth of the marine science discipline, allowing deeper understanding of both the physical and biological components through the Marine Biology and Coastal Processes majors.  Learn more >

Integrated Earth and Marine Sciences (Extended Major)
This extended major offers a research-led experience in studying the Earth, from the planet’s early history to its foreseeable future, and from the ocean floors to its highest mountains.  Learn more >


Postgraduate Courses

Masters of Oceanography- new in 2022
Challenge yourself with Australia’s only Master of Oceanography while gaining a unique experience at UWA.

Masters of Marine Biology- new in 2022

More information on this course will be coming soon.

Masters of Ocean Leadership

Develop the skills needed to work in a range of marine-related fields to strategically address human challenges in ocean systems.



Masters of Environmental Science
This highly inter-disciplinary course provides a rigorous understanding of environmental processes, in parallel to studies in environmental policy and management approaches.


PhD Opportunities

Take your studies even further by pursuing a PhD with world leaders in ocean research across a range of disciplines. You will receive supervision and mentorship from the renowned researchers while pursuing building deep expertise about our oceans. 

To apply, find supervisors or scholarship opportunities, visit the link below. 

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