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Noisy Guts call to action

Call for research participants for Noisy Guts project

28 September | 2 MINS

The Noisy Guts Project are developing methods to non-invasively diagnose gut disorders. Whilst originally using acoustic technology, the team have now pivoted to combining a machine learning approach with online surveys to develop a digital diagnostic tool with greater accuracy. Their aim is faster and more effective diagnoses for chronic gut disorders.

The team are currently recruiting Australian volunteers with healthy guts or a diagnosis of IBS to help develop a digital diagnostic device for gut conditions. There is no need to attend the Centre, you can help with this research by completing a survey from the comfort of your own home.

The project is seeking people who are:
•    aged 18-65 years
•    have healthy guts or
•    have been diagnosed with IBS and had a colonoscopy in the last 10 years

 Find out more about the digital diagnosis project.


Hannah Vu, Marketing Officer, 08 6457 4815

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