3D Print Lab

Making the visual tangible

Take a step into the future to develop and practice skills in object printing, exploring the many exciting possibilities of this now ubiquitous technology. Watch as your 3D model takes form, layer by subtle layer, before your very eyes.

UWA students and staff have leapt at the opportunity to use our 3D Print Lab; since April 2018 more than 550 participants have watched their models come to life.

The UWA 3D Print Lab is currently a free pilot service for UWA students and staff members.

Register to attend

The first thing you’ll have to do is book your place in a Lab session. No experience is necessary as Library staff will be on hand to support you in the Lab, but if you have experience in 3D printing or modelling then your self-directed learning is also welcome (and we might learn from you!).

Register for a session

Attend a lab session

Next up you should attend your Lab session. Labs are informal collaborative learning gatherings of small groups of users, supported by the library’s 3D print gurus (aka Library staff members). Create a new design, tweak an existing design (like one of those great objects on Thingiverse), get advice from staff and set up your print job.

Running your job

Now for the final step, running your print job. Be warned, however, this is not a swift process. When your design is ready, we’ll help you send it to print via USB and you can watch the first few layers go down. You can then leave the job to run while you get on with your day, and we’ll let you know when it’s complete so you can come to collect it. As a guideline to printing times, a 15cm-tall model of the Eiffel Tower takes about two hours to print fully. We have two printers but it’s sometimes necessary for staff to set up printing on your behalf outside of lab time. We appreciate your understanding on these occasions.

3D printers and software


Stay in touch

Contact us to receive help and support from our friendly, knowledgeable staff. You can also share your feedback or make a suggestion.