Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE)

Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) is an online unit that introduces UWA students to the basics of ethical scholarship and the expectations for correct academic conduct at UWA.

All coursework students enrolled in a UWA course are required to complete ACE in their first semester of study. A score of at least 80% across the four quizzes is required for successful completion. 

Commencing eligible students are automatically enrolled in ACE and the unit is available through the University's Learning Management System.

Completion of ACE is recommended as early as possible to help you to complete your studies to the standards required; non-completion will impact your ability to graduate.

Check in your LMS for the required completion date for the ACE unit you are enrolled in.


Some of the many student responses to ACE:

students gathering

I learned:

"How to reference correctly..."
"How to study and research effectively..."
"Some good study tips..."
"Ethical scholarship and time management..."
"The difference between collaboration and collusion..."


The ACE modules cover:

  • the principles of academic integrity and why it is so important to your learning
  • the practices of academic integrity
  • the consequences for breaching academic integrity
  • your role in promoting and upholding academic integrity
  • the links between academic, personal and professional integrity


Revisiting ACE:

If you have completed ACE you can access the unit for revision at any time by following the steps below to self-enrol in the open version of ACE. This option is open to all interested UWA students or staff.

  1. Login to the LMS using your Pheme account details.
  2. Go to this URL.
  3. Click on the + Enrol link to the left of your screen.
  4. From the Self-Enrolment screen click on the [Submit] button.
  5. The system will say success. Click on [OK] to be taken to the open ACE unit.


Other resources:

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The University Library provides guides that can help with your research and study skills.


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