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Emeritus Professor Tim Mazzarol

Business School

"Follow your passions and your interests but keep your eye on a vision of where you wish to be. You may need to take detours from time to time, but these are not wasted time, they are valuable learning experiences, and you will find they all help to enrich your knowledge and expertise as you progress through life."

Tim Mazzarol is a Professor Emeritus and Senior Honorary Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing, and Strategy at The University of Western Australia and an affiliate Professor with the Burgundy School of Business, Groupe ESC Dijon, Bourgogne, France. He is also the Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI), an independent initiative designed to enhance awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, and small business management. He is also the founding Director of the Co-operative Enterprise Research Unit (CERU), a special research entity for the study of co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) at UWA. In addition, he is a founding Director and Company Secretary of the Commercialisation Studies Centre (CSC, a not-for-profit mutual enterprise focused on advancing best practice knowledge of commercialisation.

Tim is also a Qualified Practising Researcher (QPR) as recognized by the Australian Research Society (ARS). He has around 20 years of experience working with small entrepreneurial firms as well as large corporations and government agencies. He is the author of several books on entrepreneurship, small business management, and innovation. He holds a PhD in Management and an MBA with distinction from Curtin University of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Murdoch University.

Most important experiences while at UWA

Founding and operating the Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI) (2003-2007). Serving as the Director of Doctoral Programs including the DBA program (2008-2009). Establishing the Co-operative Enterprise Research Unit (CERU) in 2012. Creating the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation within the UWA MBA program. Developing and delivering Executive Education programs in conjunction with AIM WA. Working with the UWA Institute of Agriculture, and Oceans Institute. Leading Australian Research Council Linkage projects in the role of Word of Mouth Marketing in Financial Services (2003-2005), Enhancing sustainable energy use via communication (2010-2012), Sustainable Co-operative business models (2010-2015), and Economic and Social History of Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises in WA (2021-present).

Where did you think you would end up, when you began your career?

I anticipated that I might enjoy a successful academic career teaching, researching, publishing, and engaging with industry via executive education, outreach programs, and contract research and consulting projects. I was correct in my assumptions.

What are some of your most significant achievements?

Providing leadership in the fields of services marketing, particularly international education marketing, word of mouth marketing, strategic management in small to medium enterprises, successful commercialisation in innovative small firms, and the design of sustainable co-operative and mutual enterprise business models. This work has generated several books and a substantial number of research papers. I would also add, delivery of successful teaching within the MBA program and guiding numerous doctoral students through their candidature to graduation.

What has been the most interesting aspect of your career?

Working with students and getting them to engage with industry as part of their learning. As a Professor within a Business School, it is important to have a hands-on engagement with the real world. This has also included working with industry via Executive Education and applied research and consulting programs and projects.

Where are you planning to go from here? Are there new interests you are looking to get involved in?

I am now retired. However, I continue to work on an ARC Linkage project investigating the economic and social contribution to the WA economy of the Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) sector. In addition, I remain actively involved in academic publishing and Executive Education via AIM WA. This is likely to keep me busy for at least another five years.

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