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Richard Heaney Headshot

Emeritus Professor Richard Heaney

UWA Business School

"Never forget the people who surround you. They are your past, your present and your future."

Professor Richard Heaney is presently retired and living in Canberra. He has held the positions of Professor of Finance, UWA (2011 to 2017), Professor of Finance at RMIT (mid-2001 to 2010), Associate Professor at the ANU (1997 to mid-2001), along with positions of tutor, lecturer and senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle, ANU and University of Queensland respectively. His research interests include asset pricing, derivative pricing, company valuation, investor behaviour and education in finance. He has been a researcher on various projects, including projects funded by the ARC, and has published in a wide range of Australian and international peer-reviewed journals.

Most interesting aspect of my career

The most interesting aspect of my career has been the ability to interact with an amazing array of academics and students.

Most important experiences at UWA

I was given the opportunity to work with excellent staff, academics and students in managing and developing research directions in the Business School.

Where did you think you would end up when you began your career?

My fields and goals changed often as a young man. My first job was programming accounting machines and minicomputers at NCR. I quickly realized that I needed to better understand accounting and so I enrolled in and completed an accounting degree at the University of Newcastle. This was followed by a period working as a financial accountant in a factory, while completing my honours program part-time. On completing my honours program I was offered a position as a tutor and the rest is history.

What are some of your most significant achievements?

In the area of service to UWA, I rank holding the position of UWA Associate Dean Research and Research Training during a period when the University was working through various approaches to assessing research output. This was a difficult time for many, though I believe that the Business School created an approach that recognized and encouraged academic research. In the area of research, while I continued with my usual work, I realized that UWA offered an excellent opportunity to do research in the area of resources. One of my PhD students was also interested in this topic area and so we began a project that produced an excellent PhD and some interesting research papers.

Where to from here?

My research has slowed a little since I retired, but I will keep doing research and writing for as long as I am able to.

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