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Leaving a gift to UWA

Bequests come in many shapes and forms. Knowing a little bit about the type of gift you'd like to leave for the University will help when you update your Will. Before seeking professional advice, you also might like to start thinking about the area you would like to support.

What areas can I donate to?

Give support to specific areas

If you wish to make a bequest to a specific area, we encourage you to contact our Bequests team to discuss your plans, in complete confidence. This will ensure that UWA is in a position to accept your bequest and, most importantly, to honour your wishes. 

Support the University more broadly

The most valuable way of supporting future students and research is through a general bequest. There are no limitations included for how to use a general bequest, which means that your gift will be of benefit over a longer time.

We can direct funds to priority areas across the University. As circumstances change over time, your gift can be used to meet the most pressing challenges and most significant needs. In this way, a general bequest ensures your generosity is always acknowledged appropriately.

Support what matters

Your gift can be used to support a number of different areas.


Innovative research

Contribute to current research and opening up new areas.

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Scholarships & access programs

Help students achieve their academic aspirations.


Academic leadership

Attract and develop our future global leaders.


State-of-the-art facilities

Provide world class environments for education and research.

Memorial gifts

Honour someone you love and have lost with a memorial gift to the University. Your donation will provide current and future students with life-changing opportunities and at the same time, allow you to treasure the memory of your loved one.

You can establish a memorial gift in a variety of areas. You may have a specific project in mind, or you may choose an established area of giving. Consider giving to assist disadvantaged students, to enable research projects to be developed or to maintain infrastructures and valuable collections.

Make sure you contact the bequest team to discuss how you would like your gift to be established.

Living bequests

A living bequest is a special gift comprising two parts. The first part commences during your lifetime with a series of tax-deductible donations. The second part, a gift in your Will, tops up your contribution to complete your living bequest. Your donations are kept in a separate named account and invested according to the University investment policy.

Living bequests can be an effective way to increase the impact of your charitable giving as each year the income of your living bequest contributions is recapitalised, allowing the total value to grow. Combined with a donation in your Will, this can result in a substantially more significant gift than what can be achieved by donation or bequest alone.

A bequest is a freely given gift that comes out of gratitude, without a sense of obligation. And it helps to make the world a more caring and joyful place. Dr John Harriot, living bequestor and UWA graduate

Types of bequests

Consider the following options for making a bequest. Your legal adviser can assist with the one that is most suitable for you.  

Your Will

In preparing your Will, it essential to seek professional advice. They can take your circumstances into account and assist with actualising your intentions.

Do I need to write a new Will?

A codicil made in consultation with your professional adviser may be a cost-effective way of leaving a gift. The following suggested wording may assist your legal advisers in drafting or updating your Will to reflect your wishes in respect of a bequest to the University. However, the clauses are samples only and are not legal advice.

Sample clauses for your Will

There are 3 options for leaving a gift to UWA in your Will. If you already have a Will, it is best to discuss them with your legal adviser before making changes.

How can we help?

Discuss your intention in confidence with the Bequest team.