Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Discover how prized achievements around the world rely on mathematics and statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics studies numbers to understand why things happen and how to improve society by applying innovative solutions to new technologies.

The study of Mathematics and Statistics at UWA involves data analysis, forecasting, decision making and detailed problem solving, while determining creative ways to improve modern life with mathematical tools and techniques.

The expertise of the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation research cluster covers matrix groups and computational group theory, permutation groups, graph theory, finite geometry and buildings and matroid theory.

Our Reseach Areas

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has research expertise across the areas of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics.  

Our course

Community and industry engagement

WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad

UWA works with the Western Australia Mathematical Olympiad Committee to host the annual WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad for exceptional Year 7, 8 and 9 students.

The competition seeks to find the youngest mathematical minds in the state. Prizes include an award for the most outstanding Year 9 and Year 8 student, as well as prizes for the best mathematic team. A number of Western Australian universities sponsor the prizes, along with the Department of Education, New Edition Bookshop and Data Analysis Australia.

Community engagement

UWA Academy for Young Mathematicians

The Centre for Applied Statistics

The Centre for Applied Statistics provides expert training and consultancy in statistics to enable the University, industry and government to produce excellent research.

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