Media Recording Facilities

The Educational Enhancement Unit offers media recording facilities to staff and students to enable their multimedia projects and studies.

Media room

Are you looking for a quiet space, away from the distractions of your phone and email, to create audio and video recordings? Check out the Educational Enhancement Unit's Media Room.

The studio offers UWA teaching staff a range of easy-to-use audio and video recording and editing technologies.

  • Create an introductory video welcoming students to your unit
  • Use a short concept-based video for a flipped classroom
  • Film digital content for a totally online program
  • Record an interview between you and an industry leader
  • Show a desktop demonstration of software or system

Booking the Media Room
(currently UWA Staff only)

Use the online Media Room Calendar to book your recording sessions. For all other enquiries, email

The Media Room is at the southern end of Hackett Hall (Building 103), near the entrance to the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office. For more detailed directions, use this studio location and access link.

Guiding principles for the use of video

This section presents resources for supporting staff in integrating and maximising the benefits of video.
Designing video

It’s easy to get started with designing videos.

Creating video

Quick tips for creating video content:

Creator Space

Video has become ubiquitous in this day and age. We consume it through our devices and engage with it daily on an educational and entertainment basis. Now, UWA students and staff have their own facility, the Creator Space, a purpose-built media recording studio to record video and audio.

The Creator Space offers the ability to independently create simple video and audio recordings for the studies at UWA.

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen system
  • Utilise the green screen to overlay images and other content in post-production.
  • Use the online booking system to secure your spot here.
  • Access the space using your UWA campus card, Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm.
  • Located in the Physics building.

Booking the Creator Space

Use the online Creator Space calendar to make your booking. For all other enquiries, email

The Creator Space is in the Physics building. For more detailed directions, follow the instructions under 'Locations and directions' below.

Before your booking

Support resources

USB requirements

In order to use the Creator Space, you’ll need to bring along a USB drive with at least 1GB of free space. The USB drive will need to be in either FAT or FAT32 format. Please note: the system will not recognise external hard drives.

We recommend that you use a blank USB drive for every booking to reduce the risk of losing important files. The Centre for Education Futures bears no responsibility for lost data.

The amount of space you’ll need on your USB drive depends on the type and length of recording you are doing. You can use the following table for an indication of USB space required:

Length of recording audio video
1 minute 2.5MB 30MB
5 minutes 12.5MB 150MB
30 minutes 75MB 900MB 

NB: Space requirements are approximate.

Locations and directions

The Creator Space is located in the Physics building. Facing the front entrance of the Physics building, turn right and you will find the Creator Space.

Self-Service Video Studio

The Self-service Video Studios are fully automated, self-service recording facilities available to UWA students and staff. Their aim is to provide access to recording equipment and a quiet environment suitable for recording simple videos. 

There is a comprehensive set of support resources in each studio that will guide you through each step. We also encourage all users to review the Self-service Video Studio - User Manual before visiting the studio.

These service video studios are currently available at the EDFAA and J Robin Warren Library.

Self-service video studios booking
  • Please use the calendar ( to check availability and request a booking. 

  • Bookings are made in 30-minute time slots, with a maximum of two consecutive bookings per user per day. 

  • Bookings can be made no more than three weeks in advance

  • You will need to bring your UWA campus card with you.

  • The Self-service Video Studios are only available to current UWA students and staff, and online bookings require an active UWA email address.

Self-service video studios location at UWA

Universal Capture

Recording can also be done via Universal Capture at the convenience of your office/home. If you have not installed Universal Capture on your computer, view this video on how to do it. 

And this manual will show you how to access the Universal Capture software after your have downloaded, record your lecture on your computer and share it to your Echo library. 

Recording Equipment 

The EEU also has some recording equipment that can be booked out by UWA Staff. Use the link below to review and book the recording equipment.

Access and egress for students with disability

If you have mobility or sensory access requirements, contact a UniAccess Disability Officer to discuss your needs on 6488 2423 or

When using this space, we encourage you to consider any specific assistance you might require in the event of an emergency evacuation. The Disability Officer can help you develop a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan if necessary. More information about emergency procedures is available here.

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