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What services does Studiosity offer at UWA, and to whom?


UWA’s Studiosity service includes two core ways students can receive support. Firstly, with ‘Connect Live’ students can connect after hours during their study for help with a core subject question (numeracy, sciences, and other core areas of knowledge that underpin any course or unit). Secondly, with ‘Writing Feedback’ students can upload a draft file and receive English writing feedback in less than 24 hours. All commencing students will be provided access to Studiosity.


Has this remained constant throughout the time Studiosity has been available at UWA, or has the scope of Studiosity (either in terms of student cohort or type of service) increased over this time?
If the latter, on what basis were the decisions to expand the scope made?


In 2019, UWA offered Studiosity to a selected cohort to monitor the service, feedback, and student satisfaction. After positive results, in 2020 the program was expanded to offer equitable, timely access to support for all students, regardless of their study or personal circumstances.


Who owns the material submitted to Studiosity?


Students maintain ownership of their personal content, uploading the file for feedback does not change this. Studiosity does not own the work of others, and does not keep a database for any other purpose other than the temporary feedback exchange between student and the Subject Specialist, and for the student to access their own transcripts shortly after.


How does the University ensure the use of Studiosity services meets TEQSA standards, particularly in relation to the qualifications and expertise of the tutors?


For further information regarding TEQSA standards refer to this guide.


How does Studiosity report on the use of its services at UWA? Are full transcripts of student interactions available for review?


An additional benefit of Studiosity is that – as an online service connected with the university’s Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard – all study support interactions are transparent. Standard reporting includes the number of interactions, subject areas, questions asked, student satisfaction scores and service reviews.


Why do we have Studiosity?


As part of enrolment, students get free access to study help – timely intervention - with Studiosity. It is designed to help all of our students equally, at scale, with core academic skills support and to develop academic integrity. Studiosity is an accessible, equitable ‘Tier Zero’ for students - a first step before the service guides more students to engage with next levels of expert university support, such as StudySmarter, where escalation is needed or wanted. It is available after hours regardless of study mode, to improve students’ confidence and study success. The service also supports teaching staff and management with the necessary data and insight to improve whole-cohort outcomes.


Where can I tell students to find the service?


Students can find the link to Studiosity on the home page of Blackboard, our learning management system, and there is no additional sign-in required. During breaks – when staff are less likely to be readily available – weekends, or and after hours, it's critical to remind students that Studiosity is available for them when they need help at those times, to ensure timely intervention.


For further information regarding Studiosity Subject Specialists, Academic Services and Integrity refer to this document.