Grade Centre, Assessment and Feedback

Assessment and feedback

How can we assess students in Blackboard LMS?

There are three main ways you can assess students in Blackboard LMS:

  • Turnitin. Remember, all summative, text-based assessments need to go through Turnitin according to UWA Assessment Policy.
  • Tests tool in Blackboard, which offer a huge variety of question types and can be marked automatically.
  • Rubrics tool in Blackboard, which can be linked to many activities in Blackboard, like discussion boards, tests, wikis and more.

All these tools can be used for either  formative or summative assessments. As outlined in the UWA Assessment Policy, formative assessment is an activity or assessment item for learning, where students receive feedback which helps them develop and improve their future work. Summative assessment is assessment of learning, where students' performance is measured in relation to the learning outcomes and assessment criteria, and contributes to the final grade/mark of the unit. 


With all types of assessment, it is important to provide students with their marks via the Blackboard LMS Grade Centre. 


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Grade Centre

The Grade Centre in LMS Blackboard is the best place for you to record and communicate marks to your students. If you create a Turnitin assignment or a Blackboard test, a column will be created automatically in Grade Centre. If you have an assignment outside of Blackboard, such as participation in a field trip, you can create a column in Grade Centre to record and communicate those marks to students.


Organising Grade Centre
Marking in the Grade Centre

Marks from Turnitin assignments and automatically graded tests will show up in your Grade Centre without any extra steps.

Reports and statistics

Tests and Quizzes

Tests in LMS Blackboard are a great way to give students either formative or summative assessment with automated marking. Before you jump into creating a test, it’s a good idea to plan it out.

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