Educational Enhancement Unit

The Educational Enhancement Unit is committed to supporting the learning and teaching activities of our world class teachers in their pursuit of enhancing the student experience.
The EEU consists of two teams, the Educational Enhancement Strategy team and the Capability Development team.
The Educational Enhancement Strategy Sharepoint site has information and resources created by the team and we can be contacted on
The Capability Development team are available to support educators looking to enhance their teaching practices to meet the evolving needs of their learners, and can provide online and in-person on-campus consultations. They can be contacted for pedagogical support with learning design on and for pedagogical support with educational technologies on
The EEU Capability Development SharePoint site has information and resources developed by the Capability Development team, including workshop and webinar series for UWA teaching staff.
NEW IN 2022

In 2022, UWA is continuing to support Unit Coordinators across the university in developing alternative assessments by introducing Cadmus, an assessment tool which integrates with LMS. Units that require invigilated exams due to accreditation purposes will proceed as normal. UWA has purchased a campus-wide licence.

Cadmus is an online platform, which integrates with Blackboard and Turnitin, where educators can design written assessments and provide opportunities for writing practice for their students. It can be used for formative or summative assessment and as a writing tool. As an examination alternative, Cadmus aligns with UWA’s shift from invigilated exams. With its modern and flexible interface, it supports authentic pedagogy for all modes of teaching delivery.  As a writing tool, it can support students whose first language is not English, students returning to university, and those struggling with academic writing.

 For further information please refer to our EEU Strategy Sharepoint.


Need technical assistance?

Contact Uni-IT Learning Environments help-desk for technical support

Please send technical support requests to the Uni-IT Learning Environments (eLearning) help-desk team who are responsible for the LMS, Unit Outline Builder and LCS. They manage technical issues and scheduling.  

Contact Uni-IT for all other IT systems support

The Uni-IT team will prioritise all help requests from teaching staff to ensure they are well supported during semester.

Contact Uni-AV for any in-venue systems support

For audio-visual issues in on-campus venues, please send all enquiries directly to the Uni-AV team. 

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