Digitally supported learning FAQs for students

We have committed to ensuring that any disruption to your education at UWA is minimised.

You can access downloadable recorded lectures using Echo 360 and Microsoft Teams for online classes, Blackboard for sharing and collaboration, and virtual labs.

This enables you to learn at your own pace, participate even when studying remotely, and benefit from inclusive, personalised teaching when engaging via digital channels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find resources to help me study remotely?

The learning online web page provides guides to key online learning platforms used in your studies, as well as to IT support.

What is digitally-supported learning?

Digitally-supported learning uses a flipped classroom model. This means that lectures may be recorded and available for download, and that you will participate in interactive online classes through video conferencing platforms. Depending on your unit, there may also be opportunities for online collaboration and virtual labs. This means that your learning will remain personalised and interactive.

How do I know if my units are digitally supported?

Your Unit Coordinator will advise you of learning arrangements for your unit. Please ensure you check LMS.

How many units can I enrol in?

You can choose to study either full-time or part-time. Please note that your student visa may require you to study full-time.

For more information on your study load see our FAQ

Will the Learning Management System (LMS) work in China?

We have conducted extensive testing and validated performance of both the LMS and Echo360 systems with students currently in China. One component of the LMS, Blackboard Collaborate, remains almost unusable in China, and in many regional areas of other countries with poor connectivity. Other tools with Collaborate's features, such as Teams and Echo360 do not have the same issue.

While the above LMS solution is already in place for students in China, we are also working with Alibaba - a major Chinese telecommunications company to provide a local VPN with better connectivity and speed through China's firewall so that students can access UWA resources (e.g. LMS, Teams) in a way that meets Chinese regulations, while also greatly improving the reliability of our services.

UWA's existing BYOD-VPN service is not able to provide carriage with the same benefits, so ONLY the China VPN should be used. Instructions on how to use our new service will be made available soon.

We recommend students log onto these systems and download content locally for offline viewing (instead of streaming), as this will provide the best experience. If your lecturer uses material via providers that are not available through the China firewall, e.g. Youtube, please ask them immediately to find other means of making it available to you.

How will digital tutorials and video conferencing work?

UWA uses Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Microsoft Teams for online classes, tutorials and video conferencing. Find more information (including how to download the Teams App) from our learning online web page

Microsoft Teams is the only UWA video conferencing tools that will reliably reach students in China. Whilst technically Zoom had few issues, the company stopped providing personal Zoom licenses to new users in China through the company’s China web site, and has limited the availability of the full Zoom client. Two Zoom-based alternatives now exist in China, but these do not connect to out-of-country initiated meetings.  If your class is one of the few remaining that the academic staff are using Zoom, or perhaps is using Blackboard Collaborate, immediately let your lecturer or tutor know that these are not viable in China.

What academic skills support is available?

UWA provides free, innovative academic skills development programs to improve your study techniques, time management, writing, communication, English language, maths, stats and research skills.

UWA Academic Skills Centre, STUDYSmarter, is here to help you.

What help is available from the library?

The UWA Library provides support services to help you succeed in your studies. The Library is here to help you with:

  • Finding, using and referencing  information for your studies and assignments.
  • Using UWA IT systems such as Pheme and the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Unit Readings - which contains the essential materials for your units including links to journal articles, book chapters, ebooks, reports, and videos, as well as books and other items held in the High Demand section or in the main Collections in the University Library.
  • Discover OneSearch and use it to search UWA collections including millions of online books, journals, articles, reviews, films, documentaries and more. OneSearch will connect you to the full-text sources we’ve provided to support your studies. Sign in with Pheme to save favourites and return to them.
  • Use the Databases link in the top ribbon in OneSearch to find a database specialising in your subject area.
  • View the Library Survival Guides which provide quick, easy help with finding, using and referencing information and common issues facing postgraduate students, including copyright for theses, publishing, managing research data, and subject-specific sources and tools.
  • Stay in touch by emailing a Librarian or making an appointment with a librarian through the Book a Librarian service, we can help you to use OneSearch and other sources to find the best information for your assignments, and assist you with referencing.
How do I access 24/7 study support?

In addition to the other academic skills services for all UWA students, you can get online study support from external tutors through Studiosity. You can connect live for after-hours help and can get assignment feedback within 24 hours. Find out how to get started.

Additional academic skills resources are available via UWA Study Success in your LMS, including practice activities to familiarise yourself with the Cadmus assessment platform used in some units.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning - LinkedIn Learning provides you with access to a wide range of online learning modules aimed at helping you to develop professional and personal skills to support your studies and your future career. Get information on how to activate your UWA LinkedIn Learning account, and videos on UWA supported technologies, including the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard, and the software to support your remote learning, Microsoft Teams.

What if I am in China and need IT support?

UWA only has English speaking support staff available to assist with technical difficulties. This team will be available via telephone (+86 400 120 0259, then choose option 1) or email, Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm (AWST). Students who are self-isolating within Australia seeking IT support will be able to call 08 6488 7335.

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