9 - Current and prospective staff

Frequently asked questions

9-1 - I have applied for a job at the University. Will my application be considered?

Recruitment to the majority of our vacant positions has been placed on hold from 1 April 2020 for a period of six months. There are however a number of exemptions. If affected, you will receive feedback from a HR UWA staff member who will provide an update on how the hold on external recruitment affects your application. If you have any further questions in relation to your application feel free to contact us at recruitment-hr@uwa.edu.au

9-2 - What happens if I cannot start work on the commencement date outlined in my contract of employment?

As a result of travel restrictions, we appreciate your plans may have changed or may need to change. The University will work with any affected employees or prospective employees to minimise impact. New employees impacted by the coronavirus and/or travel restrictions should contact their Talent Acquisition Adviser.

9-3 - Is my work visa application affected?

There may be consequential processing delays at the Department of Home Affairs to permanent or temporary visa applications lodged by persons who are located in China. Other flow-on effects may be that applicants in the region may have difficulty obtaining police clearances, undertaking English language exams and undertaking health exams as businesses and government departments may limit operations due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The University acknowledges the challenges that new employees may experience in processing visas from China and will work with managers and new joiners to minimise the impact. Affected new employees should contact info@uwa.edu.au.

9-4 - Will the closure of the Western Australia borders impact me joining the University?

If you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident you are currently only permitted to enter some Australian states. Western Australian requires you to request and be granted an exemption before travelling to WA. This applies if you entering from another Australian state or from overseas.

Details can be found at WA Government.

If you believe that this affects you contact us at recruitment-hr@uwa.edu.au