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This module is for visiting academics, post-graduate students, undergraduate students, casual workers (if they don’t have a staff ID) and volunteers may carry out short-term tasks or activities under the auspices of the University. They must be aware of the Work, Health and Safety legislations, UWA’s Health and Safety Policy, their safety responsibilities, recognising common hazards and raising health and safety concerns.

Non-staff and visitors should complete this module if:

  • The planned work will be over a protracted time, typically longer than a few days, and may be carried out in a single period or intermittently;
  • The individual may not always be closely supervised during the work; or
  • They work in a hazardous environment or undertake hazardous activities.

Visitors who need to complete training courses via the LMS will first need an active Uni ID account.

Online self-enrolment

You need to have an activated Uni ID to access the module.

  1. Login into the UWA LMS
  2. Copy and paste the following URL onto the browser address bar:
  3. Click on Self Enrol and follow the instructions to self-enrol.
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