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Fieldwork in rural and remote locations form an essential part of many teaching and research functions at the University of Western Australia. These tasks and activities may be carried out in unfamiliar surroundings with different risks from those that are well known and controlled whilst on the University campus.


These procedures apply to all staff, students and volunteers of the University of Western Australia undertaking approved rural and remote field works in Australia. International rural and remote field works must additionally comply with the Travel Policy, guidelines and with the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) requirements.

Staff, students and volunteers may only undertake collaborative field activities with another organisation if the field work complies with the University of Western Australia's Policies and Procedures or if the Occupational Safety and Health Policies and Procedures of the collaborative organisation are of equivalent, or better, level of safety.

For detailed information for Staff, please refer to Plan fieldwork activities in the Service Directory.

Responsibilities of students, volunteers and visitors

Each fieldwork participant has the following responsibilities:

  • Follow the fieldwork and communication plan.
  • Ensure the University’s Code of Conduct is adhered to during the fieldwork.
  • Take reasonable care of own health and safety.
  • Take reasonable care that your actions or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of another person.
  • Stop the work or activity if there is immediate or perceived risk to health and safety.
  • Report all hazards and incidents.

Medical conditions affecting field work participation

All personnel involved in field work must be mentally and physically fit for the tasks required. They must accept appropriate medical advice where relevant and disclose to the Field Work Coordinator any limitation imposed by their health that may affect their ability to participate safely in any field work activity. This obligation applies both before and during field work. Information provided must be treated as confidential information, unless non-disclosure creates a risk to other participants.

Fieldwork planning

If you are planning fieldwork involving diving or boating refer to Diving and boating safety for the relevant planning forms including the fieldwork plan.

Flowchart - Fieldwork planning process [31 KB PDF]

Flowchart - Fieldwork planning process [408 KB RTF]


For Diving and boating activities please use the forms on that page.


Form 08 Fieldwork Participant Declaration [142 KB PDF]

Form 08 Fieldwork Participant Declaration [49 KB DOCX]

Form 06 Registration-voluntary workers insurance proposal [52 KB PDF]

Form 06 Registration-voluntary workers insurance proposal [55 KB DOCX]

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