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December 2020


Glowing laptop in darkMinderoo Tech &Policy Lab at UWA

The exciting, culture-driven Minderoo Tech & Policy Lab opened its doors at the UWA Law School in September 2020. Headed by associate professors Julia Powles and Jacqueline Alderson, the Lab is underpinned by an understanding of where the crucial gaps exist in technology, law and policy. It will collaborate with other Minderoo centres and intiatives at the University of Cambridge, the University of California, Los Angeles, and New York University; at UWA the Lab will specifically tackle lawlessness in the technology ecosystem. 


UWA Law School Dean's Circle  welcome to new members

The Dean’s Circle, launched in November 2019 celebrates philanthropy and the individuals who have committed to making a vital contribution to the future of legal education at UWA. We welcome new Dean’s Circle members Liam Elphick and Jill Murdoch.


New scholarships for JD students

The JD Scholarship for the Promotion of Social Justice, generously established by Bruno Fiannaca and Julie Grbavac has been awarded for the first time. This is a $5,000 scholarship for a student in their third year of the JD who has a passion for social justice and is experiencing financial hardship. 

The Paul Bendat Memorial Indigenous Scholarship in Law, worth $5000, is funded by the Bendat Family Foundation to encourage and assist high-achieving Indigenous Australian students experiencing financial hardship to pursue a Juris Doctor at the University.

The Melvin Yeo Jessup Moot Scholarship, worth $5000, is funded by Melvin Yeo to encourage and assist a high-achieving student who is experiencing financial hardship to undertake the LAWS5162 Jessup International Moot Competition as part of a Juris Doctor at the University.


Ian William Payne McCall 19262020

Ian McCall
Ian McCall

Ian McCall will probably be remembered by most as the Chief Judge of the Family Court of Western 
Australia from 1989 to 1996, and – before his elevation to Chief Judge – as one of the original judges of that Court from 1976 onwards. However, before being appointed to the Family Court, he was a member of the Law School staff for nearly twenty years, rising to the rank of associate professor, and deputising for Eric Edwards as Dean in 1975 and 1976. He was appointed to the bench direct from the Law School, an unusual distinction either in Western Australia or anywhere else.

After leaving school in 1944, Ian served in the Navy for the last two years of the war, and then enrolled in the Law School in 1947. As an ex-service student, he was paid a living wage during his student years, and was allowed to serve one of the two years in articles then required concurrently with his last year at Law School. In the same class as Ian were Bob Hawke and John Toohey, but also – and more importantly for McCall’s career – Alan Barblett and David Anderson. The three, who all started Law School on the same day, were all appointed as original judges of the Family Court in 1976. In his last year, McCall was President of the Blackstone Society.

In 1957, he was persuaded by Professor Frank Beasley to leave practice and join him as a full-time member of the Law School staff. Beasley had already recruited Eric Edwards the previous year. It is difficult for present-day staff and students to contemplate the fact that the Law School staff at this time only numbered about four; all the other lectures were given by visiting practitioners. McCall had been employed as a part-time lecturer a year or two earlier, to teach the new subject of Domestic Relations (the ancestor of Family Law). While at the Law School he also taught various other subjects including Torts and Public and Private International Law. McCall kept close links with the practising profession, and spent a study leave back in practice. When asked to join the Family Court bench, the transition was not as major as might be the case today.

Students remembered McCall as smartly dressed, a car owner in days when car ownership was comparatively rare, and an enthusiastic participant in staff-student cricket matches and golf days. He and Eric Edwards used their contacts to find articles for students who wanted to enter the legal profession. McCall clearly got on very well with Frank Beasley; he also acted as a mentor to a young Anthony Dickey when he joined the staff in the 1970s, encouraging him to become admitted to practice and develop an interest in Family Law. Today, Dickey is a QC and the author of one of Australia’s leading Family Law texts. 

The Law School extends its sincere condolences to the late Ian McCall’s family.

Emeritus Professor Peter Handford. 
Peter is writing a history of the Law School, to be published when the Law School reaches its centenary in 2027.


NAIDOC Perth Program of the Year Awards runner-up

The Law School’s Indigenisation of the Juris Doctor Curriculum Project was runner-up in the NAIDOC Perth Program of the Year Awards. It was fitting that JD student Andrew Dhu attended the ceremony to receive the award on behalf of the School. It is recognition in particular of the excellent work Ambelin Kwaymullina has put into developing and implementing the project and developing our JD curriculum.


Book launch: The Tuning Cymbal

Cover of book The Tuning Cymbal

The Tuning Cymbal – Selected Papers and Speeches of the Hon Robert French AC, edited by Robert Pascoe, published by The Federation Press and sponsored by the Australian Academy of Law, will be launched online on Tuesday 15 December.

“This collection of papers and speeches draws on the papers and speeches of one of Australia's leading jurists, the Hon Robert French AC. The book is divided into ten parts, each reflecting an aspect of Robert French's career, including indigenous issues, human rights, public law, commercial dispute resolution and the judicial system. Robert French's contributions are given context through commentaries by judges, legal academics and



Contractual Interpretation: Local and International Perspectives

The Law School and Ashurst hosted a free two-hour Zoom seminar on Contractual Interpretation. The Chair, Dr Felicity Maher, introduced the three eminent speakers:    
  • Joshua Thomson SC, Solicitor General
  • Justice Ken Martin, Supreme Court of WA
  • Associate Professor Solene Rowan, London School of Economics 
The Solicitor-General spoke on the process of construction generally, highlighting some particular principles. Justice Martin considered two classic cases, BP v Hastings and Codelfa, and what they tell us about the scope of evidence admissible to support an ad hoc implied term in written contracts. Dr Rowan took a comparative approach, analysing some problematic aspects of contractual interpretation in England and France.


WA second legal symposium on unmet need in protection and care

The Law School was pleased to host this symposium on 1 December 2020, pictured below, highlighting unmet need for legal representation in protection and care. The keynote address by Professor Helen Milroy emphasised the importance of trauma-informed practice. Participants also heard from panels of experts about Aboriginal Family Led Decision-Making and Innovative Practice, and received advocacy tips from experienced legal practitioners.

Legal Symposium

UWA Law School online CPD series

The UWA Law School online CPD series allows practitioners to earn CPD points by attending live webinars delivered by UWA Law School academics who have deep expertise in their respective fields.

The webinars are held on Wednesdays from 1–2pm. To register, visit the UWA Law School website.


Latest issue of the UWA Law Review

UWA Law Review

The latest edition of the Law Review features articles by authors including UWA Law School staff and alumni. This special edition on environmental law covers a range of fascinating topics, including the legal geographies of the troposphere, Germany's climate change agenda, and disaster risk reduction, vulnerability and the law.

Student achievements

2020 Ciara Glennon Memorial Scholarship

Dennis Glennon, Isobel Philip, Adrian Chai (Ashurst) at Glennon Scholarship presentation

The 2020 Ciara Glennon Memorial Scholarship was awarded to second-year Juris Doctor student Isabel Philip in May 2020Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the formal presentation was held in October. 

Associate Meredith Blake, Ciara Glennon Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee Academic Member, describes the event:

"2020's award ceremony of the Ciara Glennon scholarship was a much smaller affair as a result of COVID19 restrictions. However, as always, the occasion was characterised by its warm and reflective spirit, commemorating Ciara’s life and legacy. This year's recipient spoke movingly of her gratitude for the opportunities the scholarship has given her to help lead law-reform efforts in relation to Indigenous children."

"In the beautiful gardens outside the Prescott Room, two of the scholarship's past winners, Grant Gilmour and Zoe Bush, presented Denis and Una Glennon with an album containing penned reflections of many past winners on the enduring impact the scholarship has had on their lives and careers."

"The ceremony continues to be one of the most significant events in the Law School's calendar, but we were all especially grateful for the opportunity to hold it this year."

Hear Isabel explain her volunteer work and what the scholarship means to her.

In the photo to the left are Dennis Glennon, Isabel Philip, and Adrian Chai from Ashurst.


Megan Menon
Megan Menon


2020 McCusker Law Scholarship

A presentation to the inaugural recipient of this scholarship, Megan Menon – delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions  was held on 24 November.


JD scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the following JD scholarship recipients:

  • Ava Hill-De Monchaux – inaugural recipient of the JD Scholarship for the Promotion of Social Justice
  • Aleasha Sanchez-Lawson – the Anna & Nicoletta Ciffolilli Scholarship for Women in Law
  • Julia Symons – inaugural recipient of the Melvin Yeo Jessup Moot Scholarship
  • Tyson McEwan – inaugural recipient of the Paul Bendat Memorial Indigenous Scholarship in Law


Higher Degrees by Research completed in 2020

This was an outstanding year for Higher Degree by Research success at the Law School. Below are the students who will complete or have completed in 2020. The thesis is for a PhD unless otherwise stated to be for the Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) or Master of Philosophy (MPhil). 

  • A proposed new military justice regime for the Australian Defence Force during peacetime and in time of war – David Denton QC
  • The relationship between climate change, sustainable development and human rights – Olufunto Soje (MPhil)
  • Facing north, reading China: How the Australian press frames China through the lens of the one-child policy – Runping (Serene) Zhu
  • Perth gaol and colonial penality 1875-1888 – Taruia Nicholls
  • How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fossil fuel Industry? A comparative analysis of Australian and Norwegian legislation and policies – Christine Henry (SJD)
  • Comparative tax law: The foundations of a discipline and its potential to advance knowledge  Professor Kimberley Brooks
  • Evaluation of the transplantability of the doctrine of proper law of the contract from Australian law into the Jordanian legal system – Mohammad Rasmi Yousef Al-umari
  • Reforming the recognition of expenditure in Australian income tax law: A principled framework for the characterisation of capital outgoings and timing deductions – Christina Allen


Students visit the WA Court of Appeal

Students at WA Court of Appeal

By invitation of the President of the Court of Appeal, groups of our JD students attended the Court to observe the hearing of appeals and to speak with the judges and counsel involved. The court visits enable students to obtain a better understanding of the roles of judges and counsel, and bring the law to life.

The visits have made a real impression on those students who attended. We would like to share with you the thanks and words of some of the students themselves, following the visit in October:

"...the Court of Appeal visit reminded me of the reasons why I wanted to study law..."

"These visits are, in my opinion, rare learning opportunities and a real privilege..."

"It was a great experience. I loved having the opportunity to speak to the judges before watching the trial. I learnt so much. I know I will not forget the legal principles that were on appeal."

In the photo, left to right, are Yi Ling Ho, Ben Wong, Siema Safaeefar, Registrar Gillich, Leigh Oldfield, Narissa Suresh and Anis Rezae.


Blackstone news

The Law School congratulates 2021 Blackstone President Bec Lu.

Staff updates

Research excellence

Stella Tarrant
Stella Tarrant

Australian Legal Research Awards, Council of Australian Law Deans

Congratulation to Associate Professor Stella Tarrant (pictured right) – joint winner in the Non-Traditional Outputs category for the report co-authored with Professor Julia Tolmie (The University of Auckland) and Mr George Giudice (Principal, George Giudice Law Chambers) entitled Transforming Legal Understandings of Intimate Partner Violence.


Congratulations also to Senior Lecturer Jacinta Dharmananda who was shortlisted for the national Article/Chapter in the Early Career Researcher Article category and Adjunct Professor Simon Young in the Best Book Chapter/Article category.


Criminology article award

Congratulations Professor Harry Blagg and Dr Tamara Tulich, awarded Best Academic Article on Restorative Justice 2020 by the European Society of Criminology's Restorative Justice, for the article: H Blagg, T Tulich and S May, ‘Aboriginal youth with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and enmeshment in the Australian justice system: can an intercultural form of restorative justice make a difference?’ (2019) 22(2) Contemporary Justice Review 105-121.


Law School law reform projects 2020-2021

The following members of our staff have been awarded funds to conduct research on three law reform topics:


Teaching excellence

UWA Teaching Awards

The Law School warmly congratulates 

  • Dr Fiona McGaughey, who received a University Teaching Excellence Award
  • Kate Offer, announced as one of UWA’s national teaching award nominees 


Welcome to new staff

Joining the new Minderoo Tech & Policy Lab are:

  • Associate Professor Jacqueline Alderson, Tech Director. Jacqueline is a bioengineer and applied machine learning expert. As the Lab’s Tech Director, she provides domain expertise and leadership in championing public interest data stewardship and use, anticipating and resisting the ever-growing appetite of conglomerates and big tech firms in sourcing and leveraging human data. 
  • Kate Dromey, PhD Candidate. Kate’s work explores the increasingly blurred lines between public and private accountability within the tech ecosystem. 
  • Tomas Fitzgerald, Research Fellow. As a former in-house counsel at an ASX200 company and current local-government councillor, Tomas brings extensive practical experience with governance and regulatory regimes. His work considers how best to develop coherent, robust, and effective regulatory controls for the tech sector.
  • Helen Stamp, PhD Candidate. Helen researches concepts of control, responsibility, and accountability when it comes to the development and use of autonomous vehicles and autonomous weapons. 
  • Elisha Thompson, Lab Administrator. Elisha is an experienced administrator and executive assistant who joined UWA in 2019 after 15 years in the private sector
  • Jason Weber, Research Fellow. Jason is working on the Lab’s flagship projects on data governance and sport. 

Law School spotlights

Alumni news