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About us

The Australia India Institute @UWA was established in 2019 as an affiliate-centre of Australia-India Institute, University of Melbourne with the explicit aim of promoting India-focussed research at UWA. AII@UWA aims to create new networks to strengthen UWA’s capacity in research, teaching and engagement relevant to India. Capitalising on UWA’s location as the only Australian city in the Indian Ocean region, AII@UWA seeks to strengthen India-focussed research and regional and international collaborations, in line with UWA’s Vision 2030.

Our goals

AII@UWA is working towards establishing a community of India-focussed academics and students within UWA, with the goal of:

  • becoming the leading centre for India-related research in Western Australia
  • matching UWA strengths to Indian government priorities and funding
  • identifying and supporting ongoing and potential research collaborations with Indian partners
  • creating an India-focussed network for academics, students and relevant regional and international policy networks.

Current research projects

Australia-India Institute Next Generation Network Scholars are engaged in cutting-edge India-focussed research:

Dr Mona Chettri is conducting research on urbanisation, development and gender in the eastern Himalaya. Her research looks at contemporary changes in regional towns and cities in India’s borderlands which are undergoing rapid economic, demographic and social transformations. Her research focuses specifically on the impact of these changes on female labour, urban landscape and inter-ethnic/racial relations in the eastern Himalaya.

Dr Srinivas Goli is investigating population dynamics and its implications for public health, food security and nutritional inequalities, and its social determinants, demographics of gender, and regional developmental issues in developing countries in general and India in particular. His most current research focuses on emerging concerns in union formation, family demography, household economics, gender and social equity, and the well-being of vulnerable populations.


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