Exploration of alternative synthetic production platforms for bio-synthetic pathways using microbial cell factories

The urgent need for renewable and sustainable energy resources

An increasing world population augmented with fast industrialisation has significantly increased global energy consumption per capita. This increasing energy demand is being fulfilled by conventional non- renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, which have limited untapped reservoirs, and are associated with environmental degradation and health issues. Many studies recently estimated that the demand for energy at its current speed is going to escalate 50% by 2030, demonstrating the urgent need for non-conventional, renewable and sustainable energy resources. Moreover, the demand for pharmaceutical proteins and other high value products is being fulfilled by industrial biotechnology by employing yeast, mammals and insects. Concepts and technologies provided by synthetic biology and biotechnology are inspiring and encouraging researchers to re-imagine bio-based materials.


Research team leader: Associate Professor Parwinder Kaur

I'm currently leading an innovative Translational Genomics research program that aims to translate fundamental science into ready-to-use solutions across the agricultural and medical sectors. My DNA Lab team enables research to span the spectrum of scientific activities beyond the traditional ‘Lab-to-Landscape’ model, using new age technologies such as CRISPR, single-cell and 3D genomics. With DNA Zoo Australia I'm on a mission to provide genomic empowerment to unique Australian biodiversity facilitating conservation efforts for the threatened and endangered species.

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