Dr Yu Suk Choi

Started at UWA: 2015

Discovering new ways to grow stem cells

Dr Yu Suk Choi is a senior lecturer and researcher in the School of Human Sciences, investigating ways to fight disease by manipulating stem cell growth. His research aims to discover how tissue micro-environment controls the fate of cells, with his investigations used to improve biomedical outcomes in stem cell therapy.

Along with his team, Dr Choi is developing a holistic platform to biomimic the biomechanical micro-environment of healthy and disease-like human tissue. The platform will further scientific understanding of the interaction between cells and their surroundings. It will include 3D in space as well as 1D in time to show the dynamic interaction before, during and after disease progression.

Dr Choi’s academic career commenced in South Korea where he completed his master’s degree at Yonsei University before moving to the University of Melbourne to study cardiac tissue engineering. During his postdoctoral training at the University of California, he expanded his expertise to mechanobiology.

Dr Choi believes current understanding in the field is limited by technologies at the level of 2D in space, which is far from the 3D of human tissues. Through the development of a 4D tool, knowledge of human tissue and stem cells can be expanded for better clinical outcomes.

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Publication ‘Stem cell migration and mechanotransduction on linear stiffness gradient hydrogels’ in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2017

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The Patricia New Future Leader Fellowship award, Heart Foundation WA, 2017

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Bob Fraser New Investigator Award, Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand, 2016


2016 - 2018

National Health and Medical Research Council


Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship


Heart Research Australia

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Research laboratory

Stem Cell Mechanobiology Lab

The Stem Cell Mechanobiology Lab advances the development of technology in stem cell biology and bioengineering. The lab undertakes projects to investigate how stem cells are regulated in their microenvironment and how understanding such processes can contribute to regenerative medicine.

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Supervisor opportunities

Dr Choi has been supervising PhD students for six years. His research strength areas are cell mechanobiology and biomedical engineering. Past student projects have included research in:

  • stem cell mechanobiology
  • tissue engineering
  • biomaterials
  • regenerative medicine
  • biomedical engineering

If you are interested in having Dr Choi as your supervisor and are a domestic student, get in touch with him via email. If you are an international student, use our enquiry form.

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