Tracy Redhead

Started at UWA: 2019

Creative interdisciplinary artist working with data mapping, programming, music interaction and dynamic music 

I get to do what I love and push myself to always be learning and trying new things. I also love collaborating with people: exploring new intersections of science, art and technology, and new modes of expressing ideas and knowledge.Tracy Redhead

Starting out as a singer-songwriter and guitarist in Perth, Tracy Redhead moved to Sydney in 1999. In 2009, she changed direction and studied a Master of Arts (Research) at QUT, where she developed an interactive music app. Tracy then received an APA scholarship to study a PhD in Music at the University of Newcastle. During this time, she lived in Linz, Austria for more than three years.


Tracy started at UWA in 2019 as Lecturer for the Electronic Music and Sound Design major.

In collaboration with Sofie Loizou, Tracy plans to release and tour their lush electro songs in 2020 as the electronic duo 'Rochelle Salt'.

MA (Research) – Queensland University of Technology
PhD (Music) – University of Newcastle

‘Born Global’, The Cultural and Economic Value of Australian Music Exports Industry Report, 2019

Launched prototype music app ‘The Semantic Machine’ at the FAST industry day, Abbey Road Studios, 2018

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Winner of the European Commission funded MTF ‘Music Bricks’ incubation award, 2016

Featured projects

Presentation of projectThe Semantic Machine

The Semantic Machine is a project developed by Tracy Redhead and Dr Florian Thalmann. It uses the Semantic Player technology to create a song that changes based on the weather, time of day and location of the listener. The song changes just like we all do, like it has a mind of its own. This project is part of FAST (Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption), a five-year initiative funded by EPSRC, with partners including Queen Mary University of London, The University of Nottingham, Oxford e-Research Centre, Abbey Road Red, Internet Archive, BBC, Audio Labs and Solid State Logic.

Born Global – Routledge books

This book (under contract with Routledge) is based on an Australia Research Council-funded project investigating the economic and cultural value of Australian music exports. It focuses on the transactions leading towards value-creation in music exports, and the impact of globalisation and digitisation on music exports and their dissemination. It shows how technological innovation, new economic transactions and cultural interactions are changing the global music market, and how national export policies are competing in the global marketplace. 

Dynamic Music Production and Composition – proposed book (based on PhD thesis)

Popular music has a history of adjusting to suit new technology and audience demands. However, the digitisation of popular music and its consequent ability to be represented by data has created the potential for music to be entirely transformed by the interactive technologies increasingly dominating our lives on a global scale. This requires new approaches to form and composition that challenge current popular music-making. The book provides a new framework for musicians, composers and producers to explore working with music that can adapt and change with data.




Woodside, California

  • Artist residency at Djerassi

Redhead, T.

2019, 2018, 2017

FAST (Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption)  

  • Project: External Artist Travel and Artist Residencies (London 2017, London 2018 and Kyoto 2019)

Redhead, T.


Nottingham University

  • Commission from Nottingham University to compose a sound walk in Nottingham City

Redhead, T.

Supervisor opportunities

Tracy Redhead welcomes expressions of interest from prospective postgraduate students interested in music and interdisciplinary projects relating to electronic music, sound design, gaming, interactive music systems and dynamic music (algorithmic, generative, adaptive, reactive, interactive, data sonification).

Contact Tracy via the contact details below to discuss further.

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Lecturer of Electronic Music and Sound Design

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