Dr Siobhan Hickling

Started at UWA: 2007

Research dietitian and epidemiologist

Research and teaching go hand-in-hand. I love enthusing and engaging students in population health topics and bringing research work to life. Dr Siobhan Hickling

Dr Siobhan Hickling is a research dietitian and epidemiologist with 20 years’ experience in public health teaching, research and practice. Her research work encompasses nutritional epidemiology projects and cardiovascular disease, and ranges from small, qualitative studies to larger quantitative projects such as the VITATOPS study – a major international trial of folate in the prevention of stroke.

Dr Hickling’s current research is coordinating an Australia-wide study determining whether a new test for chest pain in Emergency Departments can improve healthcare, outcomes and costs. She collaborates on projects examining the association and influence of the built environment on eating behaviours, monitoring the impact of mandatory folate fortification on Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and dietary intake and depressive symptoms in children and adolescents.

Dr Hickling is also a member of the Cardiovascular Research Group and the undergraduate coordinator for the Population Health major. In her career, she has been awarded a National Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, a UWA teaching internship, and a Healthway Health Promotion Research Training Scholarship.


  • BSc Curtin
  • GradDipDiet Curtin
  • MPH Curtin
  • PhD W.Aust



Healthway Health Promotion Research Grant

  • A Long-Term Follow-Up of Liveable Neighbourhood Residents - Research into Practice
  • Giles-Corti W, Knuiman M, Van Niel K, Bull F, Wood L, Zubrick S, Hickling S, Christian H, Shilton T


Healthway Health Promotion Research Grant

  • Folate intake and blood folate levels in the Western Australia Aboriginal population
  • Brameld K, Bower C, D’Antoine H, Hickling S, Marley J and Stott J


The University of Western Australia Research Grant Scheme

  • The impact of diet and lifestyle on trends in cardiovascular disease in Perth
  • Hickling S, Briffa T, Knuiman M, Hobbs M.


Healthway Health Promotion Research Grant

  • Evaluation and Promotion of Folate Fortification in Australia
  • Hung J, Jamrozik K and Hickling S.

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