Professor Sean Hood

Started UWA: 2003

Making a difference in mental health care

Professor Sean Hood is Head of the UWA Division of Psychiatry in the Medical School, and Associate Dean (Community and Engagement) with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Professor Hood’s primary research focus is in clinical psychopharmacology of anxiety disorders, which involves the investigation of medication effects and mechanisms in populations with clinical anxiety disorders.

Professor Hood undertook his undergraduate medical degree at UWA before completing formal postgraduate training in psychiatry in Perth and Bristol in the United Kingdom.

Subsequently, he returned to Perth and set up a Clinical Psychopharmacology laboratory as a clinical academic with UWA’s Division of Psychiatry.

Professor Hood is past Chair of the Australian Pristiq Advisory Board and a member of the Australian Cymbalta, Vortioxetine and Lurasidone Advisory Boards. He is the Australian Board member for the European Masters in Affective Neuroscience degree and Summer Course on Mood, Aggression & Attraction, run jointly by the Universities of Florence and Maastricht. He is also a Director of the Young Lives Matter Foundation, a large-scale interdisciplinary research initiative at UWA focused on combating the issue of youth suicide.

He is a psychiatrist in public and private practice, and his public practice includes Headship of the SCGH MHU Treatment Resistant Anxiety and Mood Disorder Unit (TRAMD).

Professor Hood maintains an active engagement in medical student education, chairing the Systems’ Committee of the new UWA Doctor of Medicine program prior to implementation in 2014.

Young people are frequently excluded from medication studies but still can be severely impaired by anxiety. Research such as this can help us better target provision of effective mental health care to this under-served group. Professor Sean Hood

Understanding depression for World Mental Health Day

Understanding the relationship between drugs and humans

Clinical psychopharmacology aims to understand how psychotropic drugs work from a molecular level, through to clinical research in patients. To treat mental disorders, an extensive understanding of basic neuroscience, psychopharmacology and clinical medicine is required.

Professor Hood works with a number of local, national and international collaborators in clinical psychopharmacology including Meeting for Minds, the International Master of Affective Neuroscience (Universities of Florence and Maastricht) and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) Treatment Resistant Anxiety and Mood Disorders (TRAMD) Unit.

Medicine, Advocates, Patients, Science (MAPS) Research Project

The MAPS Project is a collaborative research study to examine the psychiatric genetics of depression and further understand brain disorders and how they relate to mental illness. The aim is for a more precise assessment of the required dosage of medication so patients are treated more efficiently.

You can view a series of meetings on the study and an interview with Professor Hood on the research.  

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Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Research Advisory Committee Project Grant
  • 'Dual target deep brain stimulation trial for obsessive compulsive disorder – a feasibility study Hood SD, Lind CRP


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Research Advisory Committee Project Grant
  • Identifying those at risk of developing depression following acute coronary syndrome: A novel screening strategy Thompson PL, Hood SD, Davidson P, Crittenden J


The University of Western Australia, UWA Research Grants Scheme Hood SD
  • The role of serotonin in experimental anxiety in healthy volunteers following chronic administration of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor escitalopram.

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