Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver

Started at UWA: 2001

Computer scientist designing systems to address environmental challenges

My research focuses on the use of technology to address environmental challenges, such as improving public transport, reducing household water consumption, understanding water use by native Australian plants, and measuring the performance of rammed earth for sustainable housing in outback Australia.

Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver

Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver is a computer scientist who designs intelligent systems that integrate data measurement with wireless communication systems, using environmental sensors and data collection. Another area of her research is data mining, which involves searching for patterns among large data sets.

A master’s graduate of the University, Associate Professor Cardell-Oliver completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge and previously held academic positions at the University of Essex and at SRI International in Cambridge before returning to UWA. Associate Professor Cardell-Oliver’s research on sensor networks addresses practical and theoretical challenges for achieving end-to-end reliability, given the stringent resource constraints of these systems.

The results of her research have been applied in many areas, including smart water metering, monitoring rammed earth buildings, data mining of public transport ticket logs and environmental monitoring of Australian bushland.

Associate Professor Cardell-Oliver is an enthusiastic teacher, leading first-year programming classes, the theory of computing, and master’s classes on wireless sensor networks. She has also published research on how students learn to program. She currently teaches Object-oriented Programming and Software Engineering and Mobile and Wireless Computing.




WA Department of Transport

  • ‘Your Move Options Analysis’,

Universities Australia

  • 'Towards Zero-Energy Sensing Systems for Building Monitoring’

Water Corporation WA

  • ‘The implementation of Irrigation Analytics on Smart Meter Data for Enhanced Customer Engagement Project’

Department of the Prime Minister & the Cabinet

  • ‘RailSmart Wanneroo Planning Support System’

iMove CRC

  • ‘Planning intermodal and general logistics infrastructure for the future needs of Perth’

Planning and Transport Research Centre PaTReC 2016

  • ‘Project 4.2: Travel Behaviour Patterns – Automated Knowledge Discovery’

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