Associate Professor Martin Forsey

Started at UWA: 2004

Educational innovator specialising in effective and inspiring teaching

I love my work because it connects me with so many thoughtful and intelligent people, students and colleagues alike, who are excited by ideas. In sharing their thoughts in classrooms, seminars and casual chats, it’s an exciting place to be. Associate Professor Martin Forsey


With more than one million university students in Australia, paying attention to effective and inspiring teaching and its impact on students is vital to Associate Professor Martin Forsey. Born in England, Dr Forsey was inspired by the 1964 documentary Seven Up to begin studying and teaching sociology and anthropology. He has a special research focus at UWA on studying and teaching Australian society. Dr Forsey is particularly interested in the social and cultural effects of schooling and the internationalisation of tertiary education. He has published several articles on qualitative research methodology.

Acknowledged as an educational innovator, Dr Forsey breaks new ground by incorporating his locally taught unit in Australian sociology into an open, online environment, better known as a massive open online course (MOOC). Dr Forsey was the first academic at UWA to develop a MOOC and among the first in Australia to do so. Dr Forsey has published 30 books and articles. His book, Challenging the System? A Dramatic Tale of Neoliberal Reform in an Australian High School, was published in 2007 to strong acclaim.


BSc BA PhD W.Aust.

Visiting Professorship, Martin Luther University, Germany, 2018

UWA Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2017 

Arts Faculty Teaching Award for Individual Teaching, 2015 

Published Challenging the System? A Dramatic Tale of Neoliberal Reform in an Australian High School, 2007 

Arts Faculty Award for First Year teaching, 2004 


Dr Forsey is passionate about being engaged with his teaching and enjoys hearing what students have learned through their reading and contemplation. Dr Forsey is keen to talk to students about ideas together. He finds enthusiasm for ideas and connecting these to the real world constantly inspiring and engaging.

Dr Forsey teaches the following units:


Supervisor opportunities

Dr Forsey has been supervising PhD students since 2004. He is interested in supervising projects focused on educational experiences or social research in and about Australian society. He has supervised topics such as racism, student behaviour and Australian education. If you would like to enquire about PhD opportunities with Dr Forsey, use the contact details below.

Associate Professor Martin Forsey

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