Lara Pinho

Started at UWA: 2014

Award-winning teacher and architect focused on sustainability and social impact

Architects have the ability to assist communities that would most benefit from our knowledge.Lara Pinho

Lara Pinho is an architect who seeks to respond to global humanitarian issues using sustainable solutions, traditional construction and local materials through teaching, research and practice.

She studied at the Faculdade de Arquitectura - Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal) and École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture Paris-Belleville (Paris, France) and has lived in South Africa, Portugal, France and the Netherlands.

Lara began to focus on social impact design after winning the international Open Source House Competition with the project, Emerging Ghana, an eco-affordable housing design for the emerging middle class of Ghana.

Now at UWA's School of Design, her work is focused on the area of sustainable and humanitarian architecture linked to the use of each location’s local materials and vernacular construction techniques, using them as a means to teach communities new, sustainable building skills.

Lara is currently working on the potential of design-research methods to add value to recycled plastics. She is using recycled synthetic plastics in the design and development of architectural products and investigating how these products can positively impact underserved communities that are directly affected by global plastic waste.

Lara is also the co-founder and Principal Architect at blaanc borderless architecture and co-founded the non-profit Adobe for Women Association.


  • Grad.Dip.Arch. University of Lisbon
  • Reg. Arch. n. 16177 Ordem dos Arquitectos (OA)
Research Repository

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2012 Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative

Nominated for the 2012 Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative

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2013 Global Public Interest Design 100

Listed in the 2013 Global Public Interest Design 100

2016 Sustainable Architects of the Year

Named in the 2016 Sustainable Architects of the Year - Portugal BUILD Architecture Awards



UWA School of Design

  • International and Engagement Funding


Fundación Sertull, Fundación Alfredo Harpo Helú, Banamex and other Mexican foundations and industries

  • Funding for the Adobe for Women project


Nike and Architecture for Humanity

  • Gamechangers Grant

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