Julie Loveny

Started at UWA: 2017

Improving mental health in the workplace

Julie Loveny has more than 30 years' experience as a trainer, facilitator, mediator, counsellor and social worker specialising in mental health, aged care, families and youth.

As a part-time lecturer at UWA, Ms Loveny brings real-life knowledge from working in a variety of government and community organisations, as well as the mining and business sectors.

As a co-founder and director of This Working Life, a training and mentorship program founded to improve mental health in the workplace, Ms Loveny offers consultancy services to organisations to support their employees.

Current projects Ms Loveny is working on include the ‘Thrive@Work’ initiative with the Future of Work Institute at Curtin Business School, and a cross-discipline research study into the impact of fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work arrangements and mental health.

Ms Loveny has a passion for demystifying and addressing difficult topics, whether it is about inherent human fears, traumatic life events or issues typically associated with stigma and shame.

In 2016, Ms Loveny trained with Dr Brené Brown, who is a Professor of Social Work at Houston University, researcher and best-selling author. As a certified facilitator of Dr Brown’s programs, the Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™, Ms Loveny is in the process of integrating these into the Master of Social Work course at UWA. Topics covered in these programs include values, resilience, vulnerability, trust, courage, shame and worthiness.

Ms Loveny’s teaching units are Social Work in Health and Human Contexts and Field Education.

Ms Loveny’s other work includes the development of Workplace Mental Health Standards on behalf of the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention, investigations of complaints on behalf of the WA Mental Health Commission, independent evaluations and accreditation of community mental health organisations, and providing trauma support and consultancy services to organisations and workplaces.

With funding from the WA Mental Health Commission, Ms Loveny is producing a report on ‘The Impact of fly-in, fly-out work arrangements on the mental health and wellbeing of FIFO workers’.


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