Dr Ethan Blue

Started at UWA: 2005

Investigating US history, prison studies and immigration history

Getting to introduce students to new ideas and ways of understanding the world is an absolute joy. Helping students grow and become deeper versions of themselves, to discover and pursue their intellectual passions, is profoundly rewarding.Dr Ethan Blue

Dr Ethan Blue was first inspired to pursue history by his high school teacher and later by professors at the University of Virginia and the University of Texas. A multi-award-winning teacher and regular nominee for UWA’s Excellence in Teaching award, Dr Blue’s work has been crucial in expanding knowledge and understanding of complex social and historical issues.

His contributions to the local and international community have included supervising the archiving of records from the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee of Western Australia at the State Library of Western Australia, and extensive research into the history of incarceration and deportation.


His first book, Doing Time in the Depression, was published in 2012. His second major book project, Seventeen Stops on the Deportation Special, will document the history of mass deportation.

Dr Blue’s research now focuses on incarceration and policing, immigration control and border protection – some of the world’s most pressing issues. As people are displaced by war, climate change and economic insecurity, tracing the history and consequences of these processes provides a foundation that’s necessary for making informed decisions today.

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UWA Award Nominee for Excellence in Teaching, 2017

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Nominated invitee to University Hall Academic Achievement Awards celebration, 2016

UWA Student Guild, Students’ Choice Award, Arts Faculty, 2014

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Australia Learning and Teaching Council Nominee for Early Career Teacher Citation, 2011

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UWA Award Recipient for Excellence in Teaching for Early Career, 2008

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UWA High Commendation for Excellence in Research Supervision, 2007

Supervisor opportunities

Since the beginning of his tenure at UWA, Dr Blue has supervised research on a range of topics within the discipline of history, including the following projects:

  • Christian Evangelical romance and science fiction writing
  • The history of the death penalty and madness in Texas, USA
  • The growth of Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder in the late 20th century USA
  • “Gamergate” and the foundations of the American alt-right

Dr Blue welcomes applications from new PhD candidates. To discuss your options, use the details below.


A passionate, multi-award-winning teacher, Dr Blue ensures his classes are engaging by using music, popular culture and historical sources to introduce students to complex ideas and broaden their understanding of the world, both past and present.

He teaches the following units:

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