Winthrop Professor Daniel Green

Started at UWA: 1997

Uncovering ways to fight chronic disease through exercise

Vascular diseases are the major causes of death, disability and healthcare cost in the world. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. I enjoy the challenge of helping people lead longer and healthier lives and the thrill of trying to just work out how things work (in human biology).Winthrop Professor Daniel Green

Winthrop Professor Daniel Green is a leading researcher in cardiovascular exercise physiology in the School of Human Sciences. His work studies how to prevent chronic cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some forms of dementia in humans.

His academic career commenced at UWA, where he studied as an undergraduate in anatomy, physiology and exercise science. During his PhD, Winthrop Professor Green spent time at St Georges Hospital in London on a British Council Scholarship. He completed his doctorate at Royal Perth Hospital and undertook post-doctoral research at the Mayo Clinic. When he returned to Perth, he established the Clinical Exercise Physiology service at Royal Perth Hospital.

Winthrop Professor Green is a member of the transdisciplinary research group, BioZone and head of the Cardiovascular Research Group at UWA, which includes a team of doctorate and post-doctoral students and staff.

The Cardiovascular Research Group works across a range of projects to discover how to detect chronic disease at the earliest stage and identify and implement intervention strategies. Through their research, the team has invented new ways to measure the health of human arteries and quantify the benefits of interventions including diet and exercise.

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First exercise scientist in Australia to be appointed as an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, 2015

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Appointed Chair of Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology at the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, 2006

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Established Australia’s first clinical exercise physiology unit in a teaching hospital; Cardiac Transplant Unit, Royal Perth Hospital, 1994

Cardiovascular Research Group

Our laboratory is an international leader in the development and optimisation of peripheral and cerebral vascular function assessment in humans.

As well as focusing on the function and structure of large arteries (i.e. macrovasculature), we have developed techniques to assess microvascular function and structure in vivo. For comprehensive information on our vascular testing protocols see below:

Download Vascular Testing Protocols

A tailored prescription in exercise




Western Australian Department of Health

  • 'Exercise as medicine for heart failure: A novel approach to improve outcomes'
  • Winthrop Professor Daniel Green, Dr Graham Hillis and Dr Louise Naylor


National Heart Foundation

  • Vanguard Grant - 'Do preservation of muscle mass and higher levels of physical activity modulate the effect of sleeve gastrectomy on cardiovascular health?'
  • Professor Bu Yeap, Associate Professor Mohammed Ballal and Winthrop Professor Daniel Green

2016 – 2018

National Heart Foundation

  • Vanguard Grant - 'A pilot trial of heart rate reduction using ivabradine to reduce the microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus'
  • Dr Graham Hillis, Winthrop Professor Daniel Green, Professor Carl Schultz and Professor Bu Yeap


National Health and Medical Research Council

  • 'Developmental origins of adult cardiovascular disease: Vascular health in the Raine cohort'
  • Winthrop Professor Daniel Green, Emeritus Professor Lawrence Beilin, Professor Peter Eastwood and Professor Trevor Mori


Australian Research Council

  • 'Visualising vascular adaptation at the micro-scale in humans'
  • Winthrop Professor Daniel Green


National Health and Medical Research Council

  • 'Personalised exercise as medicine - Optimising the prescription to maximise the benefit'
  • Winthrop Professor Daniel Green

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