Dr Clarissa Ball

Started at UWA: 1990

Art historian and Director of the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies

The act of making art is one of humanity’s most pervasive activities.Dr Clarissa Ball

Dr Clarissa Ball is an art historian and the Director of the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies.

Over her long career at UWA she has enjoyed working with students so that they achieve their intellectual potential, watching graduates develop highly successful careers at the local, national and international level.

She is now the Head of Discipline for History of Art within the School of Design.

“In an era that is barraged by images, knowing how to unpack what we see has never been more important. How we read, interpret and understand visual information is vital in a world that increasingly relies on images rather than the written or spoken word as its primary form of communication. Such visual literacy is at the core of the History of Art.”


  • BEd, ECU
  • BA, UWA
  • PhD, UWA
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