Associate Professor Charlene Kahler

Started at UWA: 2005

Stopping the spread of infectious diseases

Dr Charlene Kahler is Head of the Infection and Immunity Division at The University of Western Australia’s School of Biomedical Sciences.

As a specialist researcher in the field of microbiology, Dr Kahler studies micro-organisms and related technology to uncover ways to improve immune system health.

Dr Kahler moved to UWA from Monash University where she was a Faculty of Medicine Fellow since 1999.

Prior to then, she completed her first post-doctoral position at Emory University in Atlanta (USA) and received her Bachelor of Science and PhD in microbiology at the University of Queensland.

As an expert in the field of developing novel medical countermeasures against infectious disease, Dr Kahler is researching natural products and inhibitors of virulence properties of pathogens to discover supplements for traditional treatment therapies. This includes focusing on the bacterial pathogens causing sepsis, and investigating ways to better understand the toxins produced in infections that lead to septic shock.

Stopping the spread of meningococcal



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2016 – 2019

Defence Science & Technology Laboratory DSTL

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