Dr Archa Fox

Started at UWA: 2006

Molecular biologist researching the cellular basis of life

I am endlessly intrigued and fascinated by the complexity of cells as the basis for life. I love sharing this fascination with my students and inspiring them to study molecular cell biology.Dr Archa Fox

Dr Archa Fox is a senior lecturer and leading researcher in UWA’s School of Human Sciences and Molecular Sciences. Her research in molecular cell biology centres on her 2002 discovery of a new cellular structure, nuclear bodies called paraspeckles. These structures are important in controlling gene expression inside our cells, which malfunction when people develop cancer and other diseases. New treatments can be found for disease by understanding how cells use paraspeckles to regulate the genes they express.

Dr Fox studied her Bachelor of Science at the University of New South Wales, majoring in molecular genetics. She went on to study her PhD at the University of Sydney and carried out her postdoctoral research in Dundee, Scotland. There she learnt to combine cell biology and microscopy with molecular biology.

The discovery of paraspeckles has led to further significant research. In 2009 she described the first long noncoding RNA, NEAT1, that scaffolds a nuclear body. In 2015, she showed how paraspeckles are built depending on intrinsically disordered regions of proteins.

Her current research group investigates the paraspeckle as a model system for understanding gene regulation, specifically the role of long noncoding RNAs and protein aggregation. The team works collaboratively with other scientists to study both paraspeckle structure and function.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students benefit from Dr Fox's enthusiasm for molecular cell biology. She uses her passion for the topics she teaches to inspire students in their learning.

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Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology Emerging Leader Award, 2017

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Western Australian Institute for Medical Research Marshall Medal recipient, 2012



2018 - 2021

ARC Discovery Grant

  • 'Establishing nanoscale design principles for nonviral genome engineering'
  • Dr Nicole Smith, Dr Archa Fox, Associate Professor Peta Clode, Associate Professor Martin Saunders, and Associate Professor Killugudi Swaminatha Iyer

2018 - 2020

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

  • 'DBHS protein RNA interactions in health and disease'
  • Dr Charlie Bond and Dr Archa Fox

2016 - 2018

ARC Discovery Grant

  • 'The structure in four-dimensions of a mammalian nuclear body'
  • Dr Charlie Bond and Dr Archa Fox

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Supervisor opportunities

Dr Fox invites students who are interested in her research to get in touch using the contact details below. She has supported undergraduate and postgraduate students since 2006 and has supervised the following topics:

  • Investigation of the cellular significance of the long noncoding RNA, NEAT1 and paraspeckles (R. Li 2016)
  • Identifying the RNA targets of paraspeckle proteins to give insights into their role in gene regulation and paraspeckle formation (E. Fortini 2014)

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