Professor Annette George

Started at UWA: 1993

Reconstructing Earth's history of environmental change 

Many of our students aspire to careers in geoscience and it is tremendously rewarding to see them develop their motivation, knowledge, skills and understanding of complex systems and application to solving practical problems. Professor Annette George

Professor Annette George is Head of the School of Earth Sciences and Acting Dean of Coursework Studies. She undertook her studies in New Zealand, a geologically active region, which provided a lot of inspiration. Her research focuses on using geoscientific evidence in the rock and fossil records to reconstruct past Earth environments and the history of environmental change in deep time.

Her current research activity with academics, industry professionals, PhD, master’s and honours students, typically addresses the reconstruction of sedimentary basin history in Western Australia – ranging from ancient (2.8 billion years) to modern basins, that may be located onshore or offshore. Understanding basin history provides an important context for understanding the formation (or not) of important resources such as petroleum, groundwater and/or mineral deposits, and what controlled global events such as mass extinctions. Exciting research in northern Thailand with UWA colleagues focuses on reconstructing the tectonic history of this important region, and requiring integration of diverse geoscientific data collected in the field and the lab. 


She currently works with the UWA Education Executive as the Acting Dean of Coursework Studies, to enhance student learning and the experience students have at UWA. She has a hands-on teaching style and strives to help students gain confidence in their own skills and understanding as they progress through their degree.

Professor George has been supervising PhD students for more than 20 years and considers the role of supervisor to be one of the most rewarding elements of academic work.

Professor George knows that staff and research students in the School of Earth Sciences are highly motivated and enthusiastic educators and researchers.

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Inaugural Dorothy Hill Award in Earth Science, Australian Academy of Sciences, 2002

UWA Excellence in Team Teaching Award, 2006

UWA Excellence in Teaching Award, 2000

UWA Teaching Commendation (Postgraduate Supervision), 2000

UWA Teaching Commendation (Undergraduate Teaching), 1999



Auldana Advisors Corporation

  • Tectonic evolution and amalgamation of continental, arc and arc-related terrances of Northern Thailand
  • Professor Annette George, Associate Professor Marco Fiorentini and Dr Luis Parra Avila


Chevron Energy Technology Pty Ltd

  • Improved Prediction of mixed-process Shallow Marine Reservoirs using an Integrated Approach
  • Dr Julien Bourget and Professor Annette George


Australian National University

  • Australian Membership of the International Ocean Discovery Program
  • Professor Annette George and Professor Cam McCuaig

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