Dr Anna Gadd

Started at UWA: 2011

Expanding cultural knowledge through language

Being confronted with many different languages has made me curious about the possibility of accurate translations and how to achieve them. It is this curiosity that I aim to I instil in my students. I aim to share my passion with my students and to open their cultural window on the world. Dr Anna Gadd

Dr Anna Gadd is a Lecturer at UWA’s School of Humanities and an expert in foreign languages. Showing aptitude and enthusiasm for foreign language during her high school years, Dr Gadd’s academic career has been dedicated to learning, translating and teaching European languages. Dr Gadd is also a National Accreditation Authority for Translators (NAATI) certified translator. She has been nominated for teaching excellence in all her courses since 2016 and is a 2019 recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Award in the category of Early Career for the unit SPAN2403. 

Dr Gadd teaches the Master of Translation Studies in addition to the Spanish Studies and Italian Studies majors, and has collaborated on several translation projects.

Dr Gadd is working with Flinders University and University of Sydney to translate their Flourishing in a Second Language Project into Spanish, which will be used in class at UWA. The project aims to help students transition to university life and enjoy life through the study of foreign languages.

Her current work includes translating poetry and a novel by Riccardo Cavaliere into English. The translation is a complex project bringing together literary translation and creative writing.


I love the social connection I get to build with my students. Through the 12 weeks of semester, I see them blossom into young scholars. I see their languages improve and their passion for languages and translation really coming through. This is by far the most exciting part of my job.  Dr Anna Gadd


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