Dr Amr Fawzy Moussa

Started at UWA: 2017

Combining dentistry and nanotechnology to develop advanced dental biomaterials

Dr Amr Fawzy Moussa is a senior lecturer and leads the Biomaterials and Nano-Dentistry research group at UWA’s Dental School. Over his career, he has supervised PhD and master’s students, and he specialises in teaching topics related to dental materials, adhesive and restorative dentistry.

After completing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, a master’s degree in Prosthodontics and a PhD in Biomaterials at Cairo University, Dr Fawzy began his academic career at Ain Shams University School of Dentistry in Cairo. He then moved to the National University of Singapore into a role within the Department of Restorative Dentistry and then the Discipline of Oral Sciences.

By 2012, Dr Fawzy was directing the Dental Biomaterials teaching and research program at the university, before moving to UWA in 2017. Dr Fawzy’s research specialises in dental biomaterials and bioengineering. He has been referenced in numerous publications and received grant funding to further his research.

With a multidisciplinary research focus, Dr Fawzy links biomaterials science to applied dentistry and has previously bio-modified dental hard tissues and employed nano-carriers for drug delivery to adentin-resin interface. This research has been extensively published within dental-related journals.

Dr Fawzy’s recent work has looked at surface functionalised metallic and ceramic nanoparticles in relation to restorative and regenerative dentistry. Other work includes the interaction of high-intensity, focused ultrasound with dental hard tissues for biofilm removal and surface treatment; chemical modification of resin-based and polymeric restorative materials for enhancing their properties; and 3D printing of cell scaffolds and dentin-like structures for potential regenerative dentistry applications.

His research work regarding biomodification and nanocarriers delivery to dentin was featured twice in 2012 and 2017 on the cover of Journal of Dental Research, the highest-ranked dental journal of the International Association of Dental Research.


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