Associate Lecturer Amanda Mannolini

Started at UWA: 2012

A passionate educator for future pharmacists

I teach my students to be enquiry-based learners and to implement critical thinking that allows them to grow and become professional, responsible, respected members of the community. Associate Lecturer Amanda Mannolini

Associate Lecturer Amanda Mannolini has been a community pharmacist for 25 years. Her role as an educator began nine years ago at UWA as a sessional tutor in pharmacy practice and pharmacotherapy, mentoring and providing feedback to students in a simulated learning environment. As a tutor, her goal is to challenge and inspire students to better themselves and to teach the importance of self-belief, empathy, communication and clinical knowledge, all of which are critical in being a successful pharmacist.

Associate Lecturer Mannolini coordinates and develops simulated learning tutorials in pharmacy practice and pharmacotherapy. This includes clinical knowledge, knowledge of laws pertaining to pharmacy and dispensing, as well as communication skills.

She also acts as a mentor in clinical practice in simulated learning tutorials and assists students in developing skills in primary care, information gathering, dispensing, problem solving and counselling.

Associate Lecturer Mannolini is the rural placement coordinator, which involves sourcing rural clinical placements for students interested in rural pharmacy, as well as providing support and mentoring the students during their placement.

She is also the clinical tutor for Pharmacy Practice.

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