Winthrop Professor Nolan Sharkey

Started at UWA: 2014

International legal and social research expert and international tax adviser

Winthrop Professor Nolan Sharkey is an international legal and social research expert and an international tax adviser.

He has lived in Sydney, Perth, Johannesburg, Toronto, Singapore and China and studied with universities all over Australia as well as in the UK and China. He speaks Mandarin and Irish Gaelic and has a growing competence in Russian, Latvian, Afrikaans and Greek. His work brings together his background in Asian Studies, Law and Accounting, bridged by taxation.

Nolan’s current work focuses on the role of social institutions in shaping governmental success in Russia, Ukraine and China. This is at the heart of the stability of these countries and therefore our global stability.

He also currently holds positions as an Adjunct Professor of Tax UNSW, a United Nations Expert in Tax, a barrister at Francis Burt Chambers and an Examiner in Singapore Taxation – Chartered Institute of Tax, London.


  • Phd UNSW
  • JD (Hons 1) UNSW
  • MTax UNSW
  • PGCert Law (Commercial & Corporate) Lond.
  • GDipLegStd UNE
  • BCom (Accounting) Murdoch
  • BA (Asian Studies) Murdoch
  • UCP Derby
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Nolan’s current projects include:

  • Language and Law – a book on the challenges that language, interpretation and translation pose to legal ideals.
  • Critical guide to tax in China – a book based on his Tax in China course materials, built on 20 years of research and analysis.
  • Chinese Society and Taxation – publication of his PhD thesis as a book.
  • Essays of Chinese Tax and Government – a compilation of his published essays with additional notes and supplements.
  • Issues in international trust taxation – a book on trust and international trust raising previously unasked questions and drawing on sociological work.
  • Critical tax review of Ukraine – applying international tax analysis to a transitional state in collaboration with local experts.
  • Social connections, economic rationalism and the State (Law) – theory work.
  • The Chinese way and the West.
  • Democracy, corruption and the ‘overriding issue’.
  • Course materials on international tax and double tax agreements.




Nolan has been supervising PhD students for a decade, covering topics such as:

  • Critique of Australian international tax law
  • Comparative tax audit in Malaysia
  • Religion and tax in Indonesia
  • China’s commercial law
  • Chinese culture, trust and tax compliance
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