Dr Jade Lindley

Started at UWA: 2016

Exploring the intersection between transnational crimes and international law

My research intersects with pertinent global issues relating to human, border, environmental and food security, several of which are within the scope of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.Dr Jade Lindley 

Dr Jade Lindley is a criminologist and senior lecturer at the UWA Law School whose research focuses on transnational crimes and their intersection with international law. She is particularly interested in the criminal motivations to offend and the responses to control these crimes. 

Dr Lindley currently teaches units in the undergraduate Law and Society major and postgraduate courses; Graduate Diploma in International Law and the Master of International Law at UWA. 

Dr Lindley started her journey at UWA in 2016 on a research-only contract and converted to teaching and research in 2017. “The UWA Law School provides a fabulously supportive and collegial environment for academics engaging in research and teaching, as well as for its undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research students.”

Her passion and interest in international law stems from an internship she completed at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York. Combined with her qualifications in criminology, she also worked as a researcher in global crime at the Australia Institute of Criminology, Canberra. This research combination inspired her PhD at the Australian National University, and led to a Visiting Scholar position at the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge, and the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London.  


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Murdoch University  
  • Master of Arts (MA), The University of Western Australia 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), The Australian National University 

Research disciplines:

  • Criminology 
  • Law 

Research clusters:

  • Theme Leader, Maritime Security, Safety and Defence, UWA Oceans Institute
  • Member, UWA Africa Research & Engagement Centre (AfREC)
  • Member, Modern Slavery Research Cluster
  • Member, International Law Society

Appointed as a research leader in the FABLE Early Research Leader Initiative, 2018

Alumni of the US Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program, 2017

Presenter at the 25th session of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna, 2016

Publication of Somali Piracy: A Criminological Perspective. Routledge, 2016



Dr Jade Lindley has worked on several research projects relating to the theme of transnational crime. To view her full list of  projects visit Dr Lindey's research repository


Dr Jade Lindley was awarded funding assistance for the following projects: 

  • Optimising compliance outcomes in recreational fisheries, Lindley, J., Green, T., Dixon, W., Dietman, P. & Lambert, S. Funder: Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (Category 1), 2020 
  •  Leveraging the Indonesia-Australia Joint Declaration on Maritime Cooperation, Clifton, J., McCulloch, M., Techera, E. & Lindley, J. Funder: The University of Western Australia, 2019
  • Enhancing maritime security: Unconventional responses to evolving maritime crimes. Techera, E., Lindley, J. & Percy, S. Funder: The University of Western Australia (Category 3), 2017

Dr Jade Lindley

I enjoy teaching interactively and engaging with students through Q&A. It provides the opportunity for student discussion to digress unexpectedly, but often, this adds value and enjoyment to the teaching.Dr Jade Lindley

Supervisor opportunities

Dr Jade Lindley has been supervising UWA Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates since 2017. She has supervised the topic of the role and utility of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) for governing fishery transitions towards sustainability. Dr Lindley welcomes PhD candidates who wish to undertake research relating to transnational organised crime. 

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